Splenda Naturals Stevia Sweeteners: Free Product Testing from Crowdtap.

In the picture above I was having my Sunday dinner at Denny’s with my husband. I had purchased my favorite plain black ice tea. I decided to use my Splenda Naturals stevia sweetener, and it sure made my drink splendid and sweet to the right touch. 

Crowdtap is a website where you participate with brands in testing their products for free. I was excited to try the new Splenda Naturals stevia sweetener. I was given two small packets as samples to try with my everyday meals or drinks. 

I tried the sample on my favorite drinks such as ice tea with a lemon wedge. I only needed one packet to sweeten a 16-ounce glass of tea. 

The benefits of Splenda Naturals stevia sweetener is that it has no calories, has not bitter aftertaste, has no added flavor or colors, has no preservatives, and is made only with non-GMO ingredients, which means it has no genetically modified organisms or food.

Splenda Naturals stevia sweetener has crystals that are tiny and melts in your mouth without the powder taste like other sweeteners. The granules are like real sugar but do not have that disgusting aftertaste as other sweeteners that I had to settle for due to the powder aftertaste.

I will start using this natural sweetener for now on in my baking and cooking. I have used so many other sweeteners, but I ideally would prefer to use a much more natural Sweetener such as 

Taste: It tastes light and sweet.

Touch and feel: It is granules. 

Scent: Sweet like a nectar.

Will this be your next favorite sweetner? It is now part of my sweetner collection. Do you have a sweetner collection at your own home? Let me know in the comments section.