Back-2-School VoxBox with Plackers Fruit Smoothie Swirl and Mint Floss, Tide PurClean, K-Cup Coffee, Piolet Pens, and Country Crock Butter Spread: Free Products from Influencer

In my #B2SVoxBox I had sample products and full-size coupons products sent to me by Influenster. 
I received these 
2 Piolet G2 Pens valued at $2.79 at the retail price each. 

They are amazingly smooth G2 Pens writing pens from 
Influenster by Piolet Pen.The pens do not skip and give you amazing drawing and writing. Great little helpers to help you do all of your writing needs and wants.

The 4 pack would cost at the retail price of $6.29 for the Pilot G2 Pens.The G2 Fashion Pens cost at the retail price of $6.97

I received a 1 free load sample of Tide PurClean in the heavenly light mild sweet floral scent of Honey Lavender. I had also been given a $3 dollar coupon to purchase. 

 I went to Target to purchase more with the coupon provided my family and I enjoyed the sample. It left our clothes clean. It is eco-friendly with no bad chemicals, and it has an amazing honey-lavender scent. We used the coupon and purchased another one.  
The Tide PurClean detergent price would retail at $9.99 at  50 oz and $12.99 at 75 oz. You can purchase by clicking here to get your very own. easily online.

I saw the 75 oz retail for $10.99 as a sale price.This product was very much worth it for our family.  If your child pees in bed, it does not take the scent of the piss as much out, but with another wash, you are able to take the scent of pee off.

My family and I have tried these amazing floss with disposable handles attached to it from Plackers. I was sent the flosser with fruit smoothie swirl flavor for children and the micro mint flavor for us adults. 
They both were nice little gadgets, which are easy to use for both adults and children. The adult flosser by Plackers also had a pick in the inner section of the flosser. They do clean extremely well. I know you would enjoy them as much as we do. 
These flosser gadgets with handles could be purchased by clicking here to get your very own easily online.
The Micro Mint would retail at $2.59 in a pack of 90 counts.
The Fruit Smoothie Swirl would retail at $2.99 in a pack of 75 counts. 

All these coffee pods that I sampled for free by Influenster are eco-friendly compostable pods.

These compostable pods cost at $6.99 retail price at a 12 count carton.

I received a sample of the Kauai Coffee Garden Isle compostable pod in Medium Roast for testing purposes by Influenster for free. I really enjoyed this sample very much. I like that it is eco-friendly. 

I received a sample of Hills Bros. compostable pod for free from Influenster for testing purposes. I really enjoyed this semi-strong taste of Colombian coffee by Hills Bros. I did find the taste similar to other mild coffee brands. 

I received a sample of Chuck Full O’Nuts for testing purposes by Influenster. It came in a nice eco-friendly compostable pod. The Chuck Full O’Nuts does have a rich strong, toasty, and nutty taste.  

I received a coupon for free country crock full-size butter from Influenster by Country Crock. As you can see the picture below. I immediately started using my Country Crock spread for baking my homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

The Country Crock butter spread would cost from $1.99 – $3.12 range from the 15 oz. – 45 0z. tubs as I show you below. 

The Country Crock buttery spread could be purchased by clicking here to get your very own easily online.

#MakeItYours with Country Crock Spread with Calcium!

My Enjoyment for baking and cooking.

 I enjoy baking for my whole family.  I was very excited to have received the Country Crock Spread to test for review for free.

#MakeItYours with Country Crock Spread with Calcium!

I received a coupon for free country crock full-size butter from Influenster by Country Crock. I had chosen the one with calcium. I used the butter in my coconut flour dark chocolate chip cookies. 

My cookies were so moist, yummy, and it did not burn. It also has fewer calories and fat than regular butter. It has such an addictive taste, I would put the Country Crock spread on many baked goods and food items. 

My weekend took me to cooking to my imagination with Country Crock Buttery Spread. I cooked some omelets with my Country Crock Buttery Spread. I just added a teaspoon in the pan. The taste is intense and really good. 

As you can see I enjoy making omelet creations and other creations with Country Crock Buttery Spread. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

Do any of you like any of the Influenster Back-2-School products? Which product was your favorite?