How to Make Festive Nails using Vegan EMMA Nail Polish? No Bad Chemicals!

I have been using the Emma VSNP 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free these days; no harmful chemicals are beautiful, dry fast, and stay on for days. I have discovered them over a year ago. The regular Emma nail Polish kit includes a base, topcoat, and a filer. Intense hydration and vanilla-scented Emma Triple Treat Jasmine Vanilla Lotion hand cream, Emma Sugar Scrub, and the Emma Body Butter.

Emma's Happy Holidays Nail Polish Collection a lot. It is so good to know it is safe to use and excellent for pregnant ladies who worry about the harmful chemicals that could go to your blood system and the baby. Emma Nail Polish Kit has no bad chemicals and toxic substances, and it does dry pretty well and fast, but not super fast; it looks glossy and gives your nails a beautiful dress-up.

This was from the Emma Holiday 2019 Nail Polish Kit and Skincare Kit.

I like their variety of gel nail polish. Jingle All The Way is a red gel nail polish, sexy and smooth red color. This Emma Beauty nail polish with no parabens or bad chemicals to look into would be this one here.

The second one is a smooth silver glitter glossy called Gilt Trip. The third one is called Naughty or Nice? This one is a pink-purple shiny, pretty color.

The Hugs & Kisses is a lovely burgundy gel smooth color.

The last one is Joy to The World! I like that it is a dark purple glitter smooth gel polish.

My top favorite is the burgundy color Hugs & Kisses, and my second favorite is the bright reddish Jingle All the Way color.


Steps I take to use my Emma Nail Polish:

I would always use the base coat first by applying a thin layer, waiting 30 seconds, and using the LED light for 120 seconds. Then I would use the beautiful Emma Happy Holidays Collection or the Regular nail polish, and I would also use the same process of 30 seconds and then 120 seconds under the LED light I have at home, and then I would add the topcoat and let it dry with the air.

It looks amazing! I adore the entire Emma Happy Holiday collection and the regular nail polish. I also would use the Emma delicious Jasmine Vanilla scented body scrub and the Body butter for that smooth and moisturized feeling on my hands. It is so good!

Benefits of the EMMA Nail Polish:

The price for these no bad chemicals and quality nail polish from EMMA beauty is reasonable and affordable.

The price has gone up from $4 to $6 but is less than $10. Your Emma Nail Kit will give you beautiful nails without going to the salon and take care of your nails at home.

It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and when it comes to nail polish. The EMMA Beauty idea is to make “a Very Special Nail Polish and Very Special Gel Polish 12+ Free.

” It will also be cruelty-free and 100% vegan and PETA Certified.

EMMA Beauty also launched its brand to show new colors every month based on lifestyle and travel destinations EMMA travels.

How long does the EMMA Nail Polish last?

The EMMA Beauty Nail Polish will last up to 1 week if you wash dishes and so forth. If not, then up to 21 days. I do recommend having a new manicure after 14 days of use. The nail polish is made with a special gel that is not harmful to your body.


In  Conclusion: These nail polish are so posh and elegant and at the same time safe for your body. I enjoy how this Emma Nail Polish does not peel off easily like the regular nail polish while being safe with no harmful chemicals.



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