Fix Frizzy Damaged Hair with NineLess Daily Intense Hair Serum Instantly


Would you like to fix that frizzy, puffy, damaged, and unruly hair quickly and naturally? Check out Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum.  This is supposed to give extra texture to curly hair and de-frizz straight hair.  This is a Korean haircare product, which is sold to all of us here.

I have a before and after a look and show you how I used the serum as just my curly hair and when I had used a straightening iron with just this serum alone. I love how smooth and less frizzy my hair looked. When curly, it looks healthy, shiny in a good way, and bouncy.

The daily hard essence strengthens and improves my hair condition by smoothing and sealing hair fibers. Five naturally derived oils are specifically formulated for my hair and your concerns.
It is also a Vegan Formula, Allergen-Free Fragrance, and Hypoallergenic tested.

Does the Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum help with frizzy puffy hair?

Yes, this serum nourishes your damaged hair strands which have frizz into smooth, less or no brittle, dull, and dandruff-free hair.

Does Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum help with dandruff or cause dandruff?

The Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum does help with dandruff, as I can see, and it does claim that it does. This serum helps hydrate the scalp without it getting oily.Does Nineless Daily Intense Hair serum make hair oily?

If you have dry hair, try to use a quarter size not to be oily. If you have oily hair, do use a nickel size, and it will not be oily with this frizzy hair serum from Nineless.

 Benefits I have experienced using the Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum to help frizzy, damaged hair:

  • It nourishes and smoothes your frizzy hair. I have seen my frizzy, dull, brittle, and dandruff become better and disappear.
  • This hair serum is power-packed sourced for nourishment; it leaves my hair lustrous, smooth and strengthened frizzy hair.
  • It is non-greasy if you make sure you do not put too much, but it is. Not greasy compared to other frizzy hair serums.
  • It has nourishing natural oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and camellia oil.
  • It also has meadowfoam oil to help you seal your brittle heal into a healthy, enhanced glossy look.
  • The sweet almonds in the Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum formula help fight dandruff and improve your hair strength.
  • It is a clean beauty formula, and it nourishes your dry, frizzy, and unruly hair, which I like.

How I use the Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum:

The proper amount depends on your hair type. You should try a quarter size for dry, puffy hair to absorb evenly on your hair. You can add more as you would like to add, and if you have oily hair, just add a dime or nickel size first.
Below are my results using this Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum:

Below are my results using this Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum








In Conclusion:

I will keep using this amazing Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum for a long time since it did work as expected for my semi-dry, damaged, unruly, and curly hair.

What do you think of this Nineless Daily Intense Hair Serum?

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