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Is nice to have skincare that goes over your skin for that younger look. Then you find a miracle serum that helps to go deeper into your skin for that healthy and more youthful look, and excellent for those who do skin and laser surgery. I have not done the skin or laser surgery but use it for micro-needling skincare. I have combination skin.

This SCM2 serum works very well with micro-needling. I do micro-needling for cell regeneration, but it always needs a serum such as this one. Anterogen Partners sent me this box with ten vials of the SCM2 serum with 1 million ppm of human stem cells and the gift in this box Medipurine twenty Lumen Cell Cream with 5,000 ppm of human stem cells.

Anterogen is recognized to have cutting-edge research in 3D Human Stem Cell skincare. It is also FDA-approved. The one I am showing you here is a pure serum. I like that Anterogen’s products are proven to show more potent paracrine effects in stem cells. This also helps with tissue regeneration and active cell rejuvenation.

What other reasons do you use the SCM2 serum for your skin?

I have recently used the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 serum for some of the acne marks on my body, and I have seen a difference.

When do I apply the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 serum with 1 Million PPM for laser surgery?

The Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 serum is applied before and after laser treatment procedures.

How long do I have to wait to see results from the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 serum?

I did start to see results in a week’s time, but it does take 30 days to see the total improvements.

Benefits of the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 Serum with 1 Million PPM and Medipurine Twenty Lumen Cell Cream with 5,000 PPM: 

  • I did see an immediate reduction of deep wrinkles around the eye area, labial folds, and chin area.
  • I did see it did brighten my skin will giving it a luminous glow.
  • I improved my skin exfoliation and regeneration process.
  • It has cutting-edge human stem cell technology that is proven to cell rejuvenate for long-term effects.
  • This serum reduces skin scars and sun-damaged skin.

What are the key ingredients in the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 Serum?

The key ingredients are human stem cells at 1 Million PPM and no other ingredients in this one. The Anterogen Partner’s has other serums with hyaluronic acid and human stem cells and brightens or whitens dark spots ingredients. This one is just pure human stem cells.

Does Anterogen Partner have a variety of other products? What is the other variety of products Anterogen Partner’s have?

What does higher PPM mean?

This means it is more potent and concentrated human stem cells, and it provides longer-lasting effects for your skin.


How to use the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 Serum:

  • Important to keep in mind, after opening up the ampoule, you must keep it tightly in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days long if you need to save it.Apply the serum evenly onto your face after micro-needling, or you can use it as just application. It is your choice to do what you would desire.
  • I prefer to use it with the micro-needle because it will sink better into your skin.
  • Micro-needling instructions would have to be always sterile. It would help if you used a clean pin, and once used, you should throw it out right away.
  • The Medipurine Twenty Lumen Cell Cream with 5,000 PPM is great to wear the next day. It is very refreshing.

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In Conclusion:

Since I have some sun-damaged skin areas and also some scarring on my face and body, and mostly on my body, I was thrilled to try the SCM2 serum from Anterogen Partner’s.

I did use the Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 alone with the 1 million PPM in it. It did show pretty incredible results for my skin. I would keep on using this Anterogen Partner’s SCM2 for my skin; pick me up and get the Repair, Lift, Renew, and Rebuild your Skin Naturally.

What do you think of this Anterogen Partner’s SCM2? Let me know in the comments section below!



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