Top 6 Clean Beauty Natural Deodorants That Work!


Clean Beauty Deodorants vary in the brand name. I have tried many, and I have chosen these top 6 deodorants which will be best for you to experience.

I have tried Crystal Deodorant as my first clean beauty deodorant. My experience with it was positive and did work well, as I have mentioned here.

The benefits of using a Clean Beauty Deodorant are as below:

Stays put for 24 hours

All are Vegan Friendly

No Paraben

All are Cruelty-Free

It is Sweat-Proof during a specific period in that one day. I found and tested that the one deodorant to be sweat-proof for two days straight without putting on deodorant again was the GoThink Thinksport Magnesium Deodorant.

No animal testing

No Chlorohydrate 

No Zirconium

All Dermatologist Tested



1) GoThink Sport Magnesium Deodorant: Does the Gothink Sport Deodorant goes on smoothly? Yes, this deodorant is one of the better ones. I did enjoy the fact that this deodorant goes on smoothly.

Does this deodorant leave white marks or residue? This deodorant does not leave white marks. However, you must make sure you use your hands to blend in the little residue it leaves behind.

Does this deodorant stay on long or longer than 24 hours? Yes, I have tested this deodorant, and it does stay on for two days straight without reapplying.


2) Tom’s of Maine Wild Lavender Deodorant:

The Tom’s of Maine deodorants glide on your skin well, or does it tug on the skin? Does it leave residue or white marks? This deodorant does not tug on your skin and glide smoothly with no residue or white marks.

How does this Tom’s of Maine Deodorant smell, and can you smell the scent? Yes, this clean beauty deodorant comes in different scent varieties, and you can smell the aroma. It is not faint and not too strong.


Toms-Of-Maine-Deodorant-wild-lavender best-top


3) Dr. Teal’s Aluminum Free Deodorant with Magnesium and Essential Oils:

Does this deodorant stay on for a long time during the day?

This Dr. Teal’s Aluminum Free Deodorant with Magnesium absorbs wetness and stays on for and fights odor all day. This formula harnesses the strength of magnesium, an excellent mineral for your skin and body, and it also makes it a powerful deodorizer. It also has Arrowroot powder and baking soda for all-day wetness absorption.

Note: Do this Dr. Teal’s Deodorant essential oils make your armpits oily and or stained? The essential oils in this deodorant do not make your armpits oily or stained.


Dr teals aluminum free deodorant magnesium lavender vanilla essential oils shea butter best

4) Love, Beauty, and Planet Deodorant:

Is the Love, Beauty, and Planet Deodorant made with aluminum or aluminum-free? Yes, this is an aluminum-free deodorant.

Is this deodorant plant-based deodorant with no parabens and mineral oil? This is a plant-based deodorizer and

Does this deodorant stay on for 24 hours or more? This deodorant stays on for 24-hour odor protection.


5) Lume Deodorant for Underarms and Private Parts:  

Does this deodorant work well for underarms, private parts, and all parts of your body? Yes, this deodorant is unique. It comes as a glide-on and a cream with a squeezable tube, so the tube will help the private parts and the underarms to be protected.


Lume-Deodorant- Clean-Beauty-Natural Deodorant-squeezable-tube-deodorant


6) Crystal 24-hour Deodorant: 

Is this Crystal Deodorant invisible and glides on smoothly? Does this deodorant absorb wetness from armpits well?

I love how this is an “invisible solid deodorant, and it is clear and glides on smooth… It also absorbs wetness very well from armpits. You can learn more about this all natural and pure Crystal 24 hour Deodorant here




I would use many of these clean beauty deodorants. However, I prefer the Gothink Sport one best because it stayed on longer, especially when I had forgotten to put on deodorant the next day, and I did not smell right away when I had forgotten to put on the deodorant.





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