Better and Healthy Holiday Gift Guide! Black Friday, Cyber, and Boxing Day!

A right end and start to a new year are always ideal. We all have fitness, supplement, and health goals. Throughout this year and others, I had discovered essential items all of you should try and have in your home for that ideal health goal. I also have seen so many discounts and super sales for them, especially at the end of the year. I have found the codes that have worked best and the end of the year deals such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday week, and Boxing Day!


The Brothers Apothecary are one of these delicious CBD based Fine teas and remedies. I had written more about these tasty The Brothers Apothecary CBD teas here and give you more insights about it. These CBD Teas and Remedies are produced mindfully and with care, and making sure it is true premium CBD with an excellent taste, varieties, and flavors. Their remedies are just as good and useful.

I love tasting their Remedies such as The Brothers Apothecary Turmeric Curcumin and Black Pepper with CBD in it. I could smell the CBD but is not super strong in scent, but it is good to know it does have the CBD scent because I know it is real and potent.

I also have enjoyed a sleeping remedy called Blue Moon Milk, and this taste super delicious and also does help me calm down, relax, and sleep better. It has CBD in it but not too strong in scent. It is so delicious, and the vanilla in it tastes superb.



Envy CBD oils and skincare are another valuable CBD I talk more about my experience on this delicious Envy CBD oils here and also one of the Envy CBD Cream skincare line here. Envy CBD specializes in making sure their Premium CBD Tincture Oils, CBD gummies, CBD Face Masks, CBD for Pets, CBD for Muscle recovery cream, and CBD bath balm. These are tasty if they are oils or gummies and are stable for the skincare or topicals, for example. I have not used the CBD for Pets on my dog just yet, but I am surely thinking of it.

I have enjoyed all of the Envy CBD Oil flavors in OrangeStrawberry Melon, and Double Apple.   I also have enjoyed using the Envy CBD topicals Envy CBD lotion and Envy CBD Cream.




Bulk Supplements is the place of excellent supplements, vitamins, and herbs I have had experienced. They carry authentic and the pure form of the supplements which have worked work for me. I have used their MagnesiumCLA for weight loss and muscle building, their CreatineAmino AcidsHyaluronic AcidJujube Extract for sleep supplement, and other extracts.




Oxyangel Air Purifier is a beautiful gadget that always has a fair price for what this little personal air purifier does. I would carry this with like a piece of eye candy or jewelry around my neck. They have a variety of three colors, and these colors are white, pink, and blue.

OxyAngel Air Purifier had a massive sale on Black Friday and also Cyber Week, which you could have added the Discount Code MADELINE10OFF to get that extra 10% off on top of the 50% as you can see in my picture below.

This little gadget has helped to clear the air with individual ions that work even to kill bad bacteria and help you breathe better and have better mental clarity and concentration. It has helped with my allergies, which I have had since I was a little girl. Check out OxyAngel Air Purifier here.



Beekeeper’s Naturals is another supplement made out of real pure honey with its highest actual benefits and no gimmicks. It shows us excellent food supplements combined with their pure bee honey varieties and propolis.

I have enjoyed their Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray, which has helped when my family and myself have a sore throat coming through, and it has helped with that scratchy sore throat relieve naturally.

Their B.Powdered honey is so delicious and rich in taste and a superfood with bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. You could add a little, and it is enough and potent.

Their new CBD based honey called Beekeepers B.Chill is not only delicious but helps you calm down and relax. It tastes super yummy, and it is rich in antioxidants.

The B.LXR Brain Fuel is an elixir concoction that helps with brain alertness and concentration. It supposes to help optimize my mind, is caffeine-free with B.LXR to help with memory focus, energy, and brain fog and more productivity.

They have packages such as the Beegan Pharmacy, which are affordable and an excellent combination. This package includes the Propolis Spray, B.Powdered, and B. LXR.

I enjoyed their Black Friday and Cyber Week sale. Their Black Friday special was 30% OFF with the Discount Code BFBEE19 

They would have sales from time to time, such as these on Beekeepers Naturals here.



In Conclusion, these are just a few discoveries which have been the best top products for my overall health, and it could be for you as well. I have tested all of these and have had positive outcomes with them. I wish you all a beautiful end of the year and a new start of a New Year!

Making it clear to my readers who read and use my links in my review blogs, I receive some items I show for free, and others are ones I already purchase in my everyday life. I may or may not receive a small compensation for the blog posts you read on the Everyday Life Products Reviews website. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

The purpose of this lifestyle product reviewing website is to give you an insight on products I have found to be the best or ones given to me as the best products for review. I will not give you false information and will always give you all honest reviews.I would give you easy-to-do and simple recipes to do at home for your family and friends with the food products I review. I will let you know about free products you can get for yourself, and reviews on those products as well.Tips and advice on how to use the products properly and for a better outcome. I will give you a thorough knowledge and honest reviews of these products before purchasing.


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