Quick and Easy Eyeshadow Routine Using Circa Single Eyeshadow Review

Quick and Easy Eyeshadow Routine Using Circa Single Eyeshadow Review


Permanent or stay proof smooth makeup such as eyeshadows is always on my list. I am sure you are looking for such an eyeshadow or makeup yourself. Especially, makeup that is highly pigmented and affordable. I have found such an eyeshadow brand that does exactly that, that is the Circa created with others by Eva Menedes.

Who does not like to brighten, contour and accentuate their eyes?

I have found an affordable eyeshadow that not only looks amazing but saves you time on the go and has high pigmentation.

I have discovered the single eyeshadows sold by the Circa brand have not only highly pigmentation, affordable at a price ranging from $8 dollars to $3 dollars if is on sale, but the eyeshadows also look like the pigmentation has a dual color variety when applied. I did not even have to put on two different eyeshadows to contour my eyelids.

I just had an eye primer underneath of it, which I would apply with either a clean finger or a flat eyebrow brush.

I have come to adore Circa’s single eyeshadows in the colors Unforgettable, Resilient, and Exquisite. I enjoy wearing these three eyeshadows very much because I could use them during day and night time on the go or on the run occasions.

My favorite Reasons and Benefits of Wearing the Circa Single Eyeshadows: The Circa single eyeshadow shades create depth and contour or that perfect creamy line for your eyes.

I also like how the quality just glides over your eyelids.

It does not crease like other shadows while wearing it for a long time.

It applies smoothly, evenly, and blends well without any effort.

It gives you a rich color that lasts a long time.

It is subtle and smoldering.

High pigmentation for shading, highlighting, and lining

It has a suede-like single applicator.

How to use the Circa Single Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow has an application that is either sheer or layered for a more alluring or attractive appearance.

You can easily use the applicator that it comes with and apply the eyeshadow on the go over your eyelids after you have primed it or at least put a concealer underneath it.

Advice: I would advise for hygienic reasons, not to use the spongy small applicator that it comes with, because you can easily forget and spread that bacteria on it and not wash your applicator. You should either wash your applicator or use a flat eyeshadow brush or a blending brush.

Use your eyeshadow brush and pick up some of the pigmented eyeshadow and apply it over your eyelids by patting it over your eyelids first.
I would use a flat small eyeshadow brush for this step.
Then blend the eyeshadow from the outer corners of your eyes to the inner corners of the eyes.
Then blend it upwards to the crease of your eyes.

Viola, you will see how the color looks like two colors in one like the pictures shown below where I am wearing the Circa eyeshadow in the color Unforgettable number 4.

How long would it take me to put on this Circa Single Eyeshadow with this quick tutorial?

I have timed that for both eyes it will take you 1 minute for each eye if you are very precise like I am. You still would look amazing without looking like a clown.

Does the Circa Single Eyeshadow crumble?
Yes, if you let it fall down like I have because it is creamy and soft, it does crumble. I did manage to put it all together into one piece. The package was closed and because it is creamy and soft I had pressed it down together my flat eyeshadow brush. You can see that in the pictures I have provided.

What sort of package does Circa Single Eyeshadow come in?
It comes in a plastic black single eyeshadow package with a cute diamond cut and transparent or clear plastic glass. It also closes nicely with just one snap.

Circa Eyeshadows that are not single eyeshadows are just as good, but I really enjoy these single eyeshadows the best.

Below you see pictures of the in the color Unforgettable number 4.

The picture below shows the in the color Resilient in the number 2. It is a more burnt yellow color.

The picture below shows the in the color Resilient in the number 2. It is a more of a darker mysterious dark gray mossy (dark green) silver color.

Do any of you enjoy wearing Circa eyeshadows? Have any of you tried the Circa eyeshadows, if so, which one is your favorite?

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