Crystal Mineral Enriched Invisible Solid the Natural Deodorant Review

Natural Deodorants have been coming up everywhere you go.  These natural deodorants are so wonderful because they are not giving you the toxic effect other deodorants give you. I tried using coconut oil and baking soda one day as a do it yourself, and it is not the same at all. I have been using this new found natural deodorant called Crystal Mineral Deodorant which you can find more information here on their website.

With my enjoyment in using the Crystal Mineral Deodorant, I wanted to share my new found discovery. I had been using the Crystal Mineral Enriched Deodorant roll-ons and crystal stone stick deodorants from the Crystal Mineral Deodorants.  I then was then introduced by Crystal Mineral Enriched Deodorant to the new Freshly Minted and Mountain Fresh scents as solid.

I opened the package with the two new Crystal Mineral Enriched Solid Deodorants.  These came in these nifty dispensers that were big with the nicely scented solid sticks inside of it. This could be excellent for both males and females. It works very well for the sweat and eliminating the odor, and goes on smooth.

My husband like these very much and thought the scent was very good for him. I thought the scent was okay as a female. If you like the fresh outdoors scent that both the Freshly Mint and Mountain Fresh is composed of then it will be a fabulous duo for your Crystal Deodorant collection.   We both like that it is dermatologist tested and the price is economical and reasonable as well.

It easily glides under your armpits and stays put for 24 hours! Is really great for your hards day of work and also dancing the night away.


Tip of advice: I do advice to put some more after 8 hours if you are doing heavier work like lifting or construction.

Benefits of The Crystal Mineral Deodorant Invisible Solid :

🌱Dermatologist Tested

🏔Stays put for 24 hours




🏔No animal testing



In Conclusion:

It keeps me clean and prevents bad odor, no residue, no staining, no white marks, no aluminum chloride, paraben-free, and no stickiness!
Do any of you think of trying this Crystal Mineral Deodorant Invisible Solid? Which one of the Cyrstal Mineral Deodorant Invisible Solid will you use for yourself?

Let me know in the comments section below!


Crystal Mineral Deodorant- solid-stick-best-review
Crystal Mineral Deodorant- solid-stick-best-review





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I will never go back to using regular deodorant but I have to admit with these natural ones my pits do get wet sometimes.