Yummy Children’s Omega 3 Smarty Pants Complete Multivitamin Gummies

Having a hard time with your children drinking their tablet vitamins and even the good old chewy ones? I have had this hard time with my child. If you are on the same path, then these gummy daily multi-vitamins with omega-36 DHA/EPA Fatty Acids from Smarty Pants are definitely for you!

I was very eager to try these Smarty Pants Complete Gummy Multivitamins for Kids for my own son to try. My friends who have children with ADHD had a positive outcome using the Smarty Pants children’s multi-vitamins because it has helped their child become more attentive, and of course that comes with what you also feed your child with less over-processed foods.

I had received this for free to try from Social Nature using a voucher they had sent me.  Social Nature sends very awesome vouchers or even full-size products for you to try for free like this one here.  I had to go pick it up at any store that would sell Smarty Pants Complete Kid’s Gummy Multi-Vitamins.  I had used the voucher Social Nature had sent me, but it was only for $11.66 American dollars, and I had to pay $5 American dollars. I am glad to have received some discount off my child’s multivitamins. The

Either way, these Smarty Pants Complete Kid’s Gummy Multi-Vitamins are worth the money, and you can also enjoy the adult Smarty Pants Gummy Multivitamins, which are just as good for you and taste so delicious at the same time.

These gummies are covered in organic cane sugar dusting, but not too much so that it can give your child a super hyper effect due to sugar overload (laughs). My child enjoys eating these gummies very much, and will always remember to take them every morning before going to school or just simply every day in the morning. 

It is always great to know that your child’s multi-vitamins are not only attractive for your child to take all the time. My son always wants to have these Smarty Pant’s Children’s Gummy Multivitamins.

According to the instructions found on the Smarty Pants Children’s Gummy Multivitamins, you need to give your child four of these gummies to make the true balance nutrition from these multi-vitamins for your child. This makes it the downside of these gummy multi-vitamins. I do give my child only two per day, which is actually great for him anyway.

Benefits of the Smarty Pants Gummy Children’s Multi-Vitamin: 

  • This gummy children’s multivitamin is made with 13 essential nutrients.

  • These multivitamins have no fishy smell like some others do. I remember drinking fish oil by itself as a kid, and it was awful in taste and smell, this is a superb option over that and your kids would enjoy it. This one is appetizing in taste and smell.

  • The multivitamins have sugar dusting on the gummies in order to help keep the sticky gummies away from your child’s teeth or my child for that matter (laughs).

  • The Omega 3 from fish oil has a balanced amount of EPE and DHA fatty acids high-potency B12 for energy production, and it also has folate which helps your child’s overall DNA system.
  • It is made with organic and natural ingredients that will not be harmful to your child.
  • It also has no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Does this multi-vitamin cause any allergies to your child?

These delicious Smarty Pants Complete Kid’s Multi-vitamins contain fish oil from anchovies and sardines, which you have to keep cautious if your child is allergic to any fish items.  It has no eggs, peanuts, no milk tree nut allergens, shellfish, fish allergens, soy, wheat, and gluten.

Can you take more than the recommend gummies? No, please. Keep in mind to not exceed the recommended amount of 4 gummies.

What flavors do the Smarty Pants Kid’s Complete Multivitamins contain? It contains the flavors lemon, strawberry-banana, and orange.


I definitely would recommend these Smarty Pants Kid’s Complete Multivitamins. You can always purchase your very own here or check it out further!




What do you think about these Smarty Pants Complete Kid’s Multi-vitamins? Do any of you use these for your children? Let me know in the comments section below.

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