The taste of coffee is very important because there are a variety of ways the coffee grinds are made and beans are grown. I have tried a variety of brands of coffee, and one that I really have enjoyed in my lifetime was the Zavida Coffee Roasters.

Zavida Coffee Roasters is a Canadian crafted coffee brand. Zavida Coffee Roasters do care about their coffee grains and beans and are also Eco-friendly. I would enjoy my cup of coffee with my homemade muffins or just drink it by itself. My child and husband both enjoy our coffee. My son is young but has a little bit of coffee but not in excess like I did when I was a young girl.

Quality and benefits of the Zavida Coffee Roasters Coffee Grinds and Beans:

The quality of the coffee grinds and beans are very important because you can taste the freshness in every cup you make. Zavida Coffee Roasters get their quality coffee grinds and beans from the best environment, harvesting method, which has a big influence on coffee quality.

Experience with the Zavida Coffee Roasters Flavored Pods:

Zavida Coffee Roasters has a variety of 24 single serve cups or pods inside each box. I had tried their French Vanilla, Donut Shop. I am recently using their Zavida Coffee Roasters Hazelnut Vanilla and the Zavida Coffee Roasters Organica. I was sent to try the Zavida Coffee Roasters flavored coffee Hazelnut Vanilla and the Organica unflavored Coffee by Zavida.

I enjoy how you can taste the infused essence of the French vanilla and toasted hazelnut! It has a smooth and rich buttery taste in the blend which warms up my soul with a sip!

They have 20 different roasted varieties and flavors or how others say it, flavours. It has 24 single serve or pods inside each box, which is a great amount!

How does the Zavida Coffee Roasters flavor or Organica unflavored grind roasting levels? Every coffee bean is roasted at different levels from the dark roast, medium, and light-medium. The Hazelnut Vanilla is roasted at a medium level for example, and the Organica could be from the dark roast and medium roast.

This will be a great gift and great coffee for moms and dads or parents alike. It does make me wake up to a more enlightened and smoother morning.

Can I purchase the Zavida Coffee Roasters in bulk? Yes, you can purchase the Zavida Coffee Roasters in bulk on their website here, and remember to use code 10MADDYREVIEWS to get a discount.

How to flavor my Zavida Coffee Roasters coffee and other beverages? Zavida Coffee Roasters have a variety of different delicious flavors, and one of my favorite flavors is the Minisyrup French Vanilla flavor shot. You can learn more about the Minisyrup flavor shot here.

Zavida Coffee Roasters is a high quality coffee which come in a variety of different tastes and  natural flavors.

Varieties of Zavida Coffee Roasters:

  • 100% Colombian Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Apple Pie Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Bavarian Chocolate Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Breakfast Blend Single Serve Coffee Cups
  • Charles’ Private Stock Single Serve Coffee Cups
  • Coconut Delight Single Serve Coffee Cups
  • Costa Rican Cielo Alto Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Creme Brulee Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Decaf Swiss Water® Process Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Donut Shop Blend Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  French Vanilla Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Hazelnut Vanilla Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Irish Cream Single Serve Coffee Cups
  • Organica Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Organica Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Premium French Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups
  •  Pumpkin Spice Single Serve Coffee Cups

What do you think of this Zavida Coffee Roasters Hazelnut Vanilla? Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy your start of the week with a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage!

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