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Ever wanted to have makeup that does not look cakey and looks smooth and is part of your skin? I have a treat for you all. These Beauty by PopSugar  Trio Time Face and Eye Compact makeup both have intense and yet smooth pigmentation. Both the Beauty by Popsugar Trio Time Face Compact and the Beauty by Popsugar Trio Time Eye Compact have a smooth application.

I had received these Beauty by Popsugar treasures to try for complimentary reasons from Viewpoints and Beauty by Popsugar.

You can receive Viewpoints products by applying to their website and they will send you possible products you may be able to receive for your review, just as I did with my last post on the Instyler Airless Blowout Tool. 

I have gone through very cakey eyeshadows, highlighters, blush, and bronzers that either does not show that well or looks like streaks and not as part of your skin, dry, and cakey.  No matter how many times I would pass a brush or even my fingers over the pigments from other past makeup products, it did not work and was never smooth.

The Beauty by PopSugar Trio Time Face Compact is called Coffee Break. It contained a highlight, blush, and bronzer combo in one compact white color plastic with a small mirror travel kit. The Beauty by PopSugar Trio Time Eye Compact travel kit I received is called Morroco.

Excited to see how these palette colors worked, I washed, opened up the Face Compact Travel Kit, and passed my fingers on the highlight, blush, and bronzer, and it all smoothly attached to my fingertips. I also did the same to the Eye Compact Travel Kit, and I liked the brown contour and champagne eye overlay shades best over the nude eyeshadow foundation that didn’t show too much color.

Beauty by Popsugar Cover


How to Use and Outcome:

I took my blush brush and eyeshadow blush to see how both the Face Compact and Eye Compact look on my face since the skin on my face could be a little different from your skin on your hands due to oils and texture.

I did one swipe of each, and this is how it looks like on my face, and I did it easily and it was done without much effort to dig in the pigment in order to get the right amount.

Benefits of the Beauty by Popsugar Face and Eyeshadow Compact Kit:

  • These two makeup kits have such a multi-tasker feel to them, and best of you can take with you on the go.
  • The Face Compact has a bronzer, highlight, and blush, while the shadow version has a contour pigment, eyelid overlay pigment and a foundation pigment in satin, shimmer. and in matte.
  • You could always be versatile as to how you apply the pigments on your face and eyelids.
  • Both the Beauty by Popsugar Face Compact and the Eyeshadow Compact Kits are  Infused with boosting minerals that make you look radiant such as pearl powder and natural mica, and these pressed pigments are able to be applied easily because of this, according to the description here.
  • The Face Compact and Eyeshadow Compact kit both have buildable colors for an exotic or unique look to make you look elegant and simply amazing.
  • These both have buildable and streak-free color on every complexion, and the highlighter which is in a light champagne color to blend with all skin types gives you satin smooth beautiful appearance.
  • These Beauty by Popsugar Face and Eyeshadow Compact Kits lasted, as long as 8 hours for me. It still looked pretty fantastic after that time, but not as fresh.
  • There are no parabens, mineral oils, triclosan, phthalates, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and sodium laurel sulfate.

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Ingredients are healthy in the Beauty by Popsugar Face Compact and Eyeshadow Compact Kits:

The ingredients in these two products from Beauty by Popsugar are natural plant-derived from squalane, which in turn helps to keep my skin silky and a smooth feel.

The ingredients material are sustainable Ecocert and sourced approved. These ingredients are of course naturally sourced Titanium Dioxide, Silica, and Mica, which makes sure that the pigments in the color will truly be of quality ingredients.

I enjoy how the shimmer gives a natural go to my skin and not a super fake highlight look. This is a healthy glow to your skin, and that famous glass skin look.

It has soft satin blush mineral pigments which make your skin look healthy.

The bronzer of course contours my face is a blended color to give you a satin natural appearance. It can also give you a natural tanned look.

Check out the Beauty by Popsugar Trio Time Face Compact Kit here.

Check out the Beauty by Popsugar Trio Time Eyeshadow Compact Kit here.





Beauty by Popsugar Trio Compact Eyeshadow


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Are any of you looking for smooth, easy to use, and pigmented makeup like Beauty by Popsugar? Let me know in the comments section below.


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