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Best Skin Matching Foundation BareMinerals Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced
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Best Skin Matching Foundation BareMinerals Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced


Do you wish sometimes you can find that foundation that could match your skin very well and not look off-putting than your very own natural skin color? I always am looking for the best foundation for our face to look our best and feel great, presentable, and confident.

Bare Minerals have always made very valuable and quality makeup that is better for your skin at the same time. You will have a flawless look and presentation that looks natural and not overdone. Their motto is Be Good, Be Natural, and Be Original, which fits their natural presentation with their makeup.

I have used Bare Minerals Bare Pro foundation and other products like Bare Minerals bronzers, Bare Minerals loose blushes, Bare Minerals Invisible light Translucent Duo HighlighterBare Minerals Long Lasting Satin lipsticks, and Bare Minerals Ready  Eyeshadows.

I  was delighted to have been chosen by  Influenster and Bare Minerals to try their Made-2-Fit Foundation, which I had been curious to try and see if the skin matching does work.


I was given a free Bare Minerals Made-2-Fit Foundation coupon from Influenster and Bare Minerals. Influenster is a place where you will get picked according to your valuable and quality participation on their website and also social media followers, and they had chosen me to try the new Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation.

My last free items or voxbox with Influenster here. You can apply with Influenster here to receive free products here today. Bare Minerals and Matchco work together to launch their MADE-2-FIT App, which I had used for my iPhone here, and they also have it for Andriod users here.

This app is so much fun, and it helps you create your own BareMinerals MADE-2-FIT Fresh Faced Liquid Foundation. You can do this on your phone from the comfort of your home.

 Below is a picture of me using the Bare Minerals Made-2-Fit Foundation, and I the used their Bare Minerals Bronzer called A little Sun All Over Face.



How to use the Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Liquid Made-2-Fit Foundation personalized for you! 

You must follow the directions on the app in scanning for the right color to match your skin, and then it takes you to their website where they will show you the exact match to your skin tone, and then it tells you are set for check out.

Steps in Scanning Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Liquid Made-2-Fit Foundation:

  • Scan a piece of white paper so that it will program the app scanner better and make it neutral.

  • Then it will start scanning the skin on your hands, then it will tell you to scan the forehead,  both cheeks on your face, and your chin.

  • Then it will calculate your skin type and it is automatically done in seconds.

When I received my personalized foundation and saw my name Madeline on it, I was so excited because I knew this was made for my skin color and type!

Benefits of the Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation: 

  • I have combination skin type, and this Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation is made for all skin types, even those that have skin problems like eczema or psoriasis.

  • Is not made to cure those problems, but it is a way better foundation for those skin issues.

  • It gives you a natural and skin breathable appearance.

  • It does not look cakey on your face.

  • It is a semi-matte appearance when you wear it with no shiny powders.

How to use the Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation: 

  • First, make sure you clean your face with a cleanser with no oils.

  • Then take a makeup sponge preferably, because it will apply better than the brushes. I know from experience.

  • When applying with a quality makeup sponge, take a dime to a quarter size of the foundation on the beauty blender and then do a bounce motion on your face, and quickly conceal your imperfections.

  • Is the application light or full coverage? The Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation has a light coverage, and that is something that was okay with me for the summertime because I wear lighter makeup.

  • However, if you usually want a full coverage, you must use about 3 coats of the foundation, and waiting about  30 to 60 seconds of drying, literally in order to get that full coverage.



Below I have swatched the Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation for me and my face skin color.

My arm is a little lighter than my face which has a yellow tint to it and lightens when blended into your skin.


Below you can see how the packaging looks like when received at your home.


Below you can see that I was given the opportunity on Influenster to receive my free Bare Minerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit Foundation.  


Have any of you used this Bare Minerals Fit Me Foundation? Who are the Bare Minerals fans? Let me know in the comment section below!


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