Natural Bug Repellent: Stay Away Moths and Other Annoying Bugs in Depth Review

Natural Bug Repellent: Stay Away Moths and Other Annoying Bugs in Depth Review

Hi, everyone, I have a fabulous environmentally friendly bug repellent I have discovered that actually does work. I did not know about these natural repellents until Social Nature introduced it to me. Remember I had spoken about Social Nature on my last blog post based on a meatless hot dog from Lightlife called Smart Dogs.  I was happy Social Nature had chosen me to discover how these great natural repellents that do not harm insects but keeps them away from your house work.

I was given 1 free voucher to find one free Stay Away Moth repellent. I had gone to a hardware store called Lowe’s because that is where they coupon I was given said to go to receive this repellent made with natural components would be located. I did not know I was going to become a believer in this product, and actually would purchase for my other bug or insect issues at my home. 

I am sure some of you like myself would be very interested in this product due to the no harsh or bad chemicals found in other products out there. I know as a mother, it is a great concern of my children breathing in bad chemicals in the home 24 hours a day. I know when I was pregnant and expecting, this is a very necessary and essential product if you care about what you breathe, eat, and put in your body while carrying your child for 9 months. 



Below is a picture of my free voucher sent by Social Nature to my home. 



I had tested out the Stay Away Moths, and I immediately noticed that the moths were not anywhere near the windows or areas near the door where I would receive them. I also notice there were not many holes on some of my clothing, where the baby larvae moths would feast on. I value my cashmere, my pet’s hair, wool, cotton, silk, linen, feathers, fur, feathers, hair in general, lint, rugs, and carpets.  These are things the baby larvae left by the flying moths eat to make a cocoon. 

These actually do work. I had to get another bug repellent by Earthkind called Stay Away Spiders since spiders tend to come around the corners our house from time to time, no matter the cleanliness of the house. You can see in the picture below that I had purchased it, and how it looks like.

 Below you can see clearly how the pouch looks like with a mesh-like bag where you can see the ingredients. 





Benefits of the Stay Away Moths :

  • It has essential oils such as geraniol, geranium, and cedar and plant fiber to prevent the bugs from coming.

  • Guarantees a safe repellent for the entire family, including your pets.

  • It cleans up easily because all you have to do after using it for 60 days is throw it out.

  • It is non-toxic.

  • No harmful chemicals.

  • Paying an exterminator to get rid of your moths would be close to $200 U.S. dollars, and that is not cheap, and this is a way more affordable way to get rid of the pesky insects naturally.

Below you can see the variety of Stay Away Bug Repellents the Earthkind brand has to offer. 




Below is a picture of the instruction manual how to use the Stay Away Pouch Pod.



What are the environmentally friendly or natural ingredients of the Stay Away Moths? When I had purchased the Stay Away Moths, I immediately saw the picture of a moth on the box, which I thought was cute. It also it showed how the ingredients are made with natural oils such as geraniol, geranium, and cedar.

Keep Caution and advice: The Stay Away bug repellents are made with essential oils to repel the bugs, and if you place the pouch directly on furniture, it may stain your furniture. Is best if you would put the pouch into the Stay Away decorative pouch pod


What do the ingredients of the Stay Away Moths do in order to repel the insect? 

The science behind it is the Stay Away Moths is through the sensory glands of the moths. The moths use their scent glands to detect the best areas in your home to lay their eggs, like on your clothes for example. 


Stay Away by Earthkind has put together a mix of special oils and ingredients in order to make the moths detect that the area is not good for them to lay their eggs that will become larvae. This is what all of the ingredients are specially made for the other Stay Away insect natural and safe repellents by Earthkind.  


How to use the Stay Away Bug Repellent Pouch?

You may place these natural bug repellent pouches anywhere around the house that you may see most of these bugs and detect where your bug problems are coming from.

Earthkind has also made a container where you may hang in your closet, for example, called the Stay Away Pouch Pod. This pod is easy to use. You only open the bottom of the container and place the bug repellent pouch into the pouch pod. Then you may either place it on a table or surface area or hang it in your closet. It also looks like a cute decorative piece in your home.

This is how the Stay Away Decorative Pouch Pod looks like in the picture below.




 You can also get your own Stay Away Repellents by Earthkind here. You may choose from the Stay Away Spiders  Earthkind, Stay Away Moths by Earthkind, Stay Away Ants by Earthkind, Stay Away Beetles by Earthkind, Stay Away Rodent Botanical Repellent by Earthkind, or and the Stay Away by Earthkind Pouch Pod. 

Let me know what you think of using a naturally based bug repellent? Have you used these or something similar before?Please comment below and let me know what you think. Thank you for reading, and do not forget to read other beneficial blog posts. 


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