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Bobbi Brown creates one of the best makeup products out there, and their idea is to use makeup as natural beauty. Their exact motto was, “The secret to beauty is simple; be who you are.” This is to empower women’s natural beauty and self. Many women like myself like to feel beautiful and confident. Bobbi Brown’s makeup helps achieve this concept. Bobbi Brown’s makeup and skincare have been around since 1991.

Bobbi Brown had a new palette coming out at the beginning of 2019. This palette has a theme on the metallic and shimmer look. Find this on the Bobbi Brown Molten Drama Eyeshadow Palette. I was very excited to have been receiving the new Bobbi Brown Molten to try in full size from Influenster. You can try new products as I did here.

I had received other products as well, such as this one here. This palette is a pretty unique one for Bobbi Brown. This palette is different and extraordinary. It is like other palettes from other brands such as Too Faced. This Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette contains the Chrome Metallic Eyeshadows besides your typical.

The shades available in the Bobbi Brown Molten Drama Eyeshadow Palette: 

  • The Metallic Eyeshadows in the colors Steel Orchid and Sun Daze.
  • The Matte Eyeshadows in the colors Rock Steady and Pale Cream.
  • The Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in White Flame.
  • The Chrome Metallic Eyeshadows in the colors Lost Treasure, Metal Vision, Strange Fire, Love on the Rocks, and Electric Storm.

When I had received it, I saw how beautiful the packaging looked, and the eyeshadows looked so intriguing to try right away. I was expecting it to be more pigmented. I did like the dramatic appearance and elegance when I would wear these eyeshadow shades and colors.





To get my look from above, I used the colors Pale Cream Wash color on my eyelids to my brow bone. Then the color Rock Steady (the pink one with no shimmer ) on the crease of my eyelids. Then Steal Orchid (pink with shimmer) layered onto the outer corner. Electric storm ( a turquoise brown mix shimmer) and used a brush under the eye area. The inner corner I added Love on the Rocks (very light pink with lots of shimmers). White flame added to my brow bone.

Extra Makeup Used:

🌸BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner added lightly and softened it up.

🌸BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

🌸 Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick

🌸Bobbi Brown Blush in color Coral Sugar

It is so amazing that it’s five new Chrome Metal Eyeshadows infused with color-shifting pearls for a fascinating shine, as you can see!

Does the Bobbi Brown’s Molten Drama Eyeshadow Palette have eyeshadows that brighten your eyes? 

Yes, The ten colors in the palette are supposed to lighten up your eyes, and they do! This palette is the total launch of Bobbi Brown’s vision of the chrome metal colors or shades. Five eyeshadows are chrome metal.

How does Bobbi Brown’s Molten Drama Eyeshadow Palette look? 

Bobbi Brown Molten Drama Eyeshadow Palette is fun and very much similar to the Too Faced eyeshadows or others with an edge, for example. I like that it does have the quality to it and it opens easily. It also has a full-width silver mirror in it, and it looks fancy.

The larger eyeshadows, and these are the Pale Creams and the Rock Steady. These shades run from left, and the right side is the crease and the base eyeshadows, which is very easy to pick out to help you with your mix and match the preparation and result. These more abundant shades feel like silk to the touch.

Do the eyeshadows have fallouts on your skin? Fallouts are when you place the eyeshadow on the lid, and some of it falls on your cheek. Yes, the large eyeshadows which are matte do have the fallout, but I did not see that with the metal chrome shades.

There are five eyeshadows in the Molten Drama Palette, which are new to this Bobbi Brown palette.

Like I had mentioned, the color pearls in the eyeshadows are what make the chrome metal finish. These shades are not super pigmented but do have the right amount of color, which is decent, as you can see in the picture of myself wearing it above.

The White Flame color is a wash color with a hint of shimmer to it. It is relatively white but not off white. It has a bit of a peachy tone to it too. I did use this shade in the inner corners of my eyes.

Rock Steady is a matte eyeshadow and has a smooth pink silky finish to it. I did use the Rock Steady in the picture I had taken of myself above, and I had used it as a crease definer. You could use it as a liner as well to line your eyes to make them look naturally pop or seem unusual.

I did enjoy using all of the shades, and I did have favorite ones.

All of the shades in this Bobbi Brown do blend very well together as you place them accordingly the way I did it with the darker colors going outwards while the lighters ones more towards inward.

Love On The Rocks

This Love on the Rocks has a silver-like blue to it! It is very galactic in appearance, and it also has a metallic chrome look to it. I would use this shade in a variety of ways. Either on the top of my eyelids, under my eyelids, and in the outer corner of my eyes.

I love the Steel Orchid shade, which is one I placed below my eyelids. It is a metallic bluish-purple like shade with a shimmer like metallic finish to it.

The Strange Fire eyeshadow is orange like color eyeshadow which is part of the chrome metal pans. You could use it over your eyelids or even the crease as well. I have done that many times and also went to work with this shade color. It is not super shiny, and so I was able to get away with it wearing it on my ordinary days.

The Lost Treasure eyeshadow has a yellow gold look to it, and it shimmers, of course, but not exaggerated. I would wear on top of another shade in the palette or the inner corner of my eyes.

The Sun Daze color truly gives your eyes that warm sexy look and a metallic shimmer look. I definitely will wear this shade on the top of my eyelids for that chrome metal appearance.

I love that the Electric Storm is a brownish shade with a turquoise blue mix to it, and it is very sexy because it has a shimmer to it as well and goes well with my brown eyes, and I am sure with many eye colors as well.

The Metal Vision color is a bronzy shade, and it is part of the chrome metal finish collection. This shade I would use for an everyday look. I would use it on top of my eyelids or as a liner underneath my eyelashes. 


Tip: If you would like to make the wash color White Flame look spectacular, wet your brush with a bit of water and pass it on the White Flame. The wash color looks matte on your skin if you do not wet it, of course.

All of the eyeshadows are blend-able in this Bobbi Brown Molten Eyeshadow, as you can see in the picture I have taken with my camera, light, and tripod of myself above! I did enjoy this palette and have purchased a new one, and it has lasted me a pretty good time.

What do you think of this exciting Metal Chrome Palette, Wash color, and Matte Color Finish? Will you wear this on an everyday basis or just for special occasions? Let me know in the comments section below!  

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