Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Simply Elegant 2X Volume Top Coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Coat Pink Variety Colors Top Coat 2 times x volume Party all occasions holiday nail polish

Miracle gel nail polish is something that has been used for that chip-free look that lasts for days. If you are a person who is like me, who is tired of having nail polish that looks cheap, chips, does not last or dry fast. I have found this fabulous nail polish from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. This nail polish really makes your nails look like it came out of a professional salon manicure. It makes your hands, nails, and fingers look truly polished and ready to show off for that party or event.

There is another new place where you can receive free items, which is called Home Tester Club.  I had received this lovely SALLY HANSEN Miracle Gel Collection Set in the color Pinky Promise for free to try and see how well it works with my daily life from them. I could not wait to open the package and try this nail polish soon. I like that it is a light pastel pink color, which would go well with most of my clothing such as dresses and outfits.

This polish does not need the LED or UV light as it says, but it did not dry so fast as it said it would. I had to use my simple small nail dryer to dry it in 5 minutes. When I did not do that and thought it was dried in 5 minutes without the drier, it got on my clothes. This is something you should keep in mind.

Once dried, it does stay on for a long time, as long as you are not washing dishes like I am. I did try just using the dishwasher and not use any soap or harsh detergents on my fingers in order to see how long does it last.

This SALLY HANSEN Miracle Gel Collection Set runway look collection is part of their 47 shades that had launched or came out in 2014 with that included the top coat to protect your nail polish color.

Tip: It said it lasts for 14 days, and yes, it could last that long if you do not do anything with your hands. It did last me about 10 days maximum with it having no chips, but the polish started to fade, and then it chipped on day 11. For nail polish, this is a pretty good amount of time for such a miracle gel nail polish to last.

If you do will clean with harsh chemicals and wash the dishes by hand, I had tested that it lasts about 3-5 days tops.

Is it true that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is an easy soak free removal miracle gel polish? It soaks free but I had used my cotton ball and nail polish remover about 4 times for the nail polish to come off.


How long does the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish take to dry completely? It supposes to be made so that it is simple and easy to use with no need of UV or LED lights for drying. Like I had said before, it does take about more than 5 minutes to dry your nails without the LED light nail dryer. It does look like luminous fancy looking nails like the way you would get it at a salon.


What is the consistency and application of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish? The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish formula is creamy in consistency, it is not sticky, and it applies evenly to your nails. I see that there are no patchy or streaky areas when it applied the first day and up to 10 days after.

How to use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel:

  • Make sure you clean your hands and nails of any debris or oil and I advise a nail polish remover.

  • The top coat is so good because it has ingredients to protect from the UV light damages, but it works best without a dirty nail.

  • Tip: Do not use this nail polish under a super-powered LED light. I had used a normal affordable LED light gel nail polish dryer dry my nails faster.  You should also not put it under direct light from the sunlight because is similar to the super-powered LED light.

  • Do two coats of your favorite shade of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish, and then use one coat of the top coat after a minute.

  • Then in about 10-15 minutes, you are done and dry with both hands.

  • Tip for nail polish and top coat conservation: To keep my top coat clean, I had used a semi-damp paper towel and wiped off the nail polish residue so that it will not get muddy and mess any other color I would like to wear with it.


Benefits of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish: 

  • It does not need the LED light for drying, and you can try that if you wait for a little more than 5 minutes for drying your nails completely with my experience.

  • It supposes to last you 14 days with no chip and looking polished. However, it lasted me 10 days when I did not do anything harsh with my hands or wash them with harsh detergent or wash the dishes by hand.

  • Natural light suppose to dry your nails fast, and you can do that, but it will take about 15 minutes to do so.

  • Salon results with no UV lights needed. It did give me salon results.

  • It is easy to remove. It is easy to remove with about 3 wipes of a cotton ball with nail polish remover for me for some reason.



This a picture of my hand and of how Home Tester Club sends your free packages with this little paper information about the product.

Sally Hansen nail polish miracle gel top coat website display


During the days of work, play, cleaning, and wear without washing the dishes by hand and also putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Also without using any harsh cleaning chemicals and just vinegar with water, the results of day 10 is shown in this picture below. 


days after wear, usage, and tear miracle gel sally hansen demo


Below you can see a clear image how the polish looks clearly. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Coat Pink Variety Colors demo pinky promise



Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Coat Pink Variety Colors demo Pinky promise



Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Coat Pink Variety Colors demo 4

Variety of all 47 shades of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Below: 




Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Coat Pink Variety Colors Top Coat 2 times x volume Party all occasions holiday nail polish



In conclusion, I really enjoyed using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish, it does do what it claims, but you do need patience. I also like the variety of 47 shades of nail polish runway colors that it comes in.

You can get your very ownSALLY HANSEN Miracle Gel Collection Set


Do any of you use the SALLY HANSEN Miracle Gel Collection Set?  What color would you use for the holidays? Leave me a comment below. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2018 everyone! Hugs and kisses!


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