12 Plants & Herbs for Skin Collagen Booster and Production

12 Plants & Herbs for Skin Collagen production

12 Plants & Herbs for Skin Collagen production

Skincare, in general, is essential. The skin is the biggest organ in your human body or body in general, with limbs and a torso with a head, hands, and feet. Skincare lotions, creams, toners, essence, and more skincare goodies are so refreshing and good to put on your skin.

You have to remember to put clean beauty ingredients instead of ones that are not; this way, your skin does not get irritations, clogs, or other things you do not want from that skincare. I usually enjoy Korean Skincare because they are very much in touch with clean beauty ingredients in their skincare. Here, I talk about some of the Korean Skincare Brand Picks I would recommend.

I am showing you these herbs and plants are medicinal herbs and fungi that strengthen and nurture your body. These nurture your bones, connective tissues, hair, nails, skin, and more.

12 Plants & Herbs for Skin Collagen production



This herb has a long history of use for treating bruises, ulcers, wounds, skin conditions, and sprains and strains. Herbalists have long utilized this herb, often known as “bone mender,” to help strengthen and restore bones. 

How do you use comfrey as a food product? I do take my comfrey collagen-boosting herb in the morning with my smoothie. 





Horsetail, the plant with the highest silica concentration in the entire plant kingdom, strengthens the bones, hair, nails, and joints.
Note: This herb is one I take every other day, as in one teaspoon. It is a good one, but it does give me a bit of a tummy ache if I take 1 tablespoon.




It is also known as a poor man’s ginseng. This one helps boost collagen for your skin, bones, hair, and entire body with a torso, limbs, and head. In addition, it also is a powerhouse rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also helps with stress relief and immune protective abilities. Check out the Gynostemma by tapping or clicking here. 



Believe it or not, this herb is pleasant powdered by just drinking it with coconut water alone or in tea.

Tips: Does the taste of the plant and herb Nettle taste good or bad? If you do not like the taste, I advise putting it in a fruit smoothie.

Nettle Leaf-Collagen-Booster



This is such a delicious plant or veggie. This can be eaten like a spinach salad. You can make Purslane salads with your favorite homemade or healthy salad dressing. Purslanes around you will always have food that produces collagen for your entire body all year round.

A green, leafy vegetable, purslane, is edible, raw, and cooked.

What other names does Purslane is known for on planet Earth? 

Its scientific name is Portulaca oleracea, but it is known as Purslane. The other names include pusley, small hogweed, pigweed, and fatweed.

About 93% of this succulent plant is water. It features tiny, green leaves and scarlet stalks. It tastes somewhat sour or salty, like spinach and watercress.

Like spinach and lettuce, it can be used in various dishes, including salads and sandwiches.

Purslane can be found growing all over the world in a variety of conditions.

Although it can withstand tougher environments, it can thrive in gardens and cracks around the sidewalks you walk around on. They are miracle plants because they can survive conditions such as drought and extraordinarily saline or nutrient-poor soil.

Check out the Purslane plant in powder form here. 



Rosehips, in general, are rich in vitamins and minerals. This helps strengthen your joints, support digestion, and improve heart health. It also has antioxidants that may help shield your skin from harm and even boost metabolic and digestive health.

The Rosehips plant can be exacted by making it into powder form, and it has a mild flavor that makes it simple to incorporate into your preferred dish or beverage.

Tips: Can the Rosehips be used as topical skincare? Yes, the oils of the Rosehips can be used for dark spots, fine lines, scars, and your entire skincare routine. Check out Rosehips Extract and more here.



How do you use Moringa Powder or Moringa Extract? You can add the Moringa powder to a smoothie or even make a powder pill to mix it with other herbs or have a teaspoon or two with some coconut water like this one here.

You can get your daily dosage of immune support from Moringa. It helps with antioxidant power, vegan nutrition, and brain health. Moringa is also known as a superfood besides one that helps produce collagen in your body.

It is a potent combination of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that keep you alert and focused.

This natural plant powder enhances cognition by giving the brain the nutrition it needs. It can help fend off free radicals and guard against oxidative stress because it is packed with antioxidants. It also increases immunity and supplies natural energy sources so you may maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Tips: What are the extra skincare benefits of the Moringa Extract Powder? Moringa is known to help prevent acne breakouts and dark spots and produce collagen.



Helichrysum are very special flowers, and they can be a big investment, and a little goes a long way. This flower or plant does give collagen and elastin support.

Can you make oils from helichrysum? Yes, you can make helichrysum oil. This collagen does give major protein in our skin and elastin. The Helichrysum aids in maintaining skin elasticity and also protects your skin from environmental aging or harmful effects. It accomplishes this by stifling activity that destroys the required protein. As a result, our skin continues to feel and look young.

Check out Helichrysum oils, skincare, and herbs here. 

helichrysum wound healing plant


Besides producing collagen for your skin, hair, bones, and body, Mangosteen is the most plentiful source of antioxidant fruits.

It also has xanthones which are a strong source of antioxidants. It also contains a ton of vitamins and minerals. I have tasted this exotic fruit before, and I miss the taste since where I live right now, I cannot get these for an affordable price. However, I can get Mangosteen for a reasonable price on this place here online, tap or click to see more.

This fruit strengthens the joints, supports healthy metabolism, encourages good skin, and supports healthy brain function.

How to use the Mangosteen for skincare health?

You can use Mangosteen for outer and inner skincare routines! For the outer, you can make homemade masks with them in fruit or dried powder form here.

This supplement may also promote optimal glucose levels and digestion in previously healthy people. Mangosteen Extract supports general health and well-being.


He Shou Wu or Fo-Ti :

He Shou Wu or Fo-ti Extract helps to support good hair health, general health, and fitness.

What does Fo-ti or He Shou Wu taste like?

This herbal plant root tastes like yams. I tasted it, which is how it tastes, but it is medicine. You must not eat it like yams or sweet potatoes.

How do you take the He Shou Wu or Fo-ti?

The He Shou Wu or Fo-ti is taken in dosage. One powdered teaspoon is enough because I had more once, and 1 tablespoon can give you a big headache.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities that keep the body healthy and might aid with sleep improvement and mood enhancement.

He Shou Wu is a Chinese home-grown medicinal herb. The He Shou Wu or Fo-ti comes from the Polygonum multiflorum Thunb plant. Check the He Shou Wu or Fo-ti here. 



The Gynostemma Extract is known as the poor man’s ginseng. It is an adaptogenic powerhouse rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s studied for stress and immune protective abilities.

This extract has an abundance of antioxidants. It strengthens the liver, aids the lungs, and improves heart function. I like that it also supports the heart and the brain. This herb helps with not just making your skin look good and also bones and overall collagen in your body work better and stay younger; it also helps with stress by calming you down, helping your stress relief better.

Gynostemma Extract may support optimal glucose levels in people who are already healthy when combined with a good diet and exercise. Gynostemma Extract generally improves physical and mental well-being.


Calendula or Marigold:

The calendula or marigold flower or plant is so precious. It looks so pretty, smells good, and yet does wonders. I like how I could use it with my son when he was a baby boy. He did like that it was soothing to his skin, and I gave him a little bit and helped him too. I gave myself a bit more because I am older. This flower not only boosts collagen, it also has other ailments or help. The calendula or marigold also help with wounds, burns, rashes, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. It has all these body-healing properties.

How do you use Calendula or Marigold besides collagen boosting and all the other goodness I have mentioned above?

Calendula flowers can be steeped in tea, infused oils, make soap, salves, tinctures, crafts, and other at-home cosmetics.


Calendula Flowers have been used as a natural dye for coloring Easter eggs, giving food in general, such as chickpea pasta, other healthy pasta, quinoa, and buckwheat, other grains an appealing yellow color, and even dying textiles because of their yellow-orange color or tint. Calendula or marigold looks good on homemade candles, soaps, potpourri, and more.

You can check out the Calendula or Marigold plant or flower here to help you as well. 


Tremella or White Snow Fungus Mushroom:

Tremella or White Snow Fungus Mushroom increases the production of hyaluronic acid, which is fantastic because it helps with skin plumping. I like that it also can rejuvenate, moisturize, and deeply hydrate the skin. I have seen tremella in many topical skin care product ingredients.

How do you use Tremella or White Snow Fungus Mushroom?

It is best to soak tremella in Spring Water or No fluoride Filtered Water if dried. Remove the unopened pieces after washing.

Can you use the Tremella or White Snow Fungus Mushroom as desserts? Yes, the stewed dessert would have better flavor if chilled in the fridge; the tremella or the white snow fungus mushroom is tastier than the yellowish-white fungus.

Tremella is easily dampened, so it can be placed in a container, closed, and kept in a cool, dry location.

You can check out skincare such as clean beauty brand DermaE. I have mentioned this DermaE skincare product with Tremella or White Snow Fungus Mushroom here.  You can check out this DermaE Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Cloud Cleanser.

You can check out more Tremella or White Snow Fungus Mushroom here. 


In Conclusion:

I would use all or many of these plants, flowers, and herbs as my daily supplement, food, or skincare routine with my other clean beauty skincare routines. You would be happy to try these to help you better care for your body and skin. 

Disclaimer: These herbs and plants are not intended to cure serious diseases, and you should always talk to your holistic doctor, practitioner, or doctor in general about your serious health issues.


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