Relive Pain with HEMP BOMBS CBD oils, gummie, creams, and capsule

  • Discovering more CBD brands that have shown to have true benefits. This CBD brand called HEMP Bombs is one that I have learned and discovered lately. I like how they have various ways to get your CBD in a fun and beneficial way! Check out their website here, and they also have a 15% off sale right now. Check their website here. 


I like how their HEMP Bombs CBD Gummies taste very good and are not for surgery. It has three varieties. One has a higher mg of 240 mg of CBD and the other 150 mg; this is only for the small packets. The big bottle has 1500 mg or as low as 300 mg. It provides concentrated servings of premium Hemp Extract. It could help with relaxation and sleep.

Then the CBD oil has six great-tasting flavors with a variety of concentrations. HEMP Bombs has complete control over the use of its premium CBD products. I received 750 mg of CBD in this oil, and they have other varieties of concentration.

The CBD Capsules are easy to digest, have, and are convenient to use. I was given the CBD capsules with high potency as all the others, at 75 mg to 15 mg. 

The CBD Pain Freeze or Pain Relief cream I received was 100 mg, which is the miniature version. HEMP Bombs also has 400 mg premium CBD. It has soothing ingredients of menthol, and topical gives a cooling relief from the pain of your tired muscles. It is pretty effective and quick.

I enjoyed using all of these CBD options, and my favorite one was the CBD gummies and CBD oil. What do you think of these HEMP Bombs CBD varieties I have mentioned above? Let me know in the comments section below, and enjoy your week!


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