Protect Your Eyes! Computer and Devices with VitEyes Blue Light Eye Defender

👁 Many of us need eye protection from the Blue Light from our desktops, smartphones, and I have found VitEyes, which offers blue light protection results. 

It is excellent to know that supplements like the way VitEyes Blue Light Defender Gummy supplement does help with dry eye, bad eyesight, or blurry vision. This I caused by the blue light from the computer devices such as your desktop, smartphones, iPads, LCD television, and other screen devices where you have to stair or look at for entertainment purposes or work as examples. Blue light in the high tech devices with a screen is the “several colors in the visible light spectrum.

It would be best if you had internal protection for your body. The Viteyes has a formula made for both adults and children. The VitEyes Blue Light Defender Gummies for kids and VitEyes Blue Light Defender Gummies for adults, and VitEyes Blue Light Defender.

Each one is made with the right ingredients for each need for the adults, adults + plus; added for an extra boost. The main components are Lutein & Zeaxanthin to naturally filter blue light and AstaReal astaxanthin to combat tired eyes. This has helped my entire family, and the gummies are tasty for both adults and children. 

I experienced a better feeling and recovery from the intensity and straining my eyes. It meets my needs to give all the nutrients for eye protection my family and I need.



VitEyes Gummies for Kids Benefits:

This is natural blue light protection for kids, which helps in the long run. I am a mother, and I have a son, and he is young at the moment. I did not use computers at his age because I was from another time where a blue light was mostly for television. My son has been exposed to blue light devices since he was a young child. This is the digital era, and so we need to protect our children from the long term har these devices may cause. The Viteyes Blue Light Defender has natural defenses for the eyes. Viteeyes does help protect the macula in the eyes, which helps with your eyesight. The Blue light exposure does cause a decrease in attention span.


Benefits in these Viteyes Gummies for children as I am stating below:

  • It has complete protection from the front to the back of the eye
  • It has Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which helps to filter blue light naturally
  • It also has a patent ingredient, especially from Viteyes called AstaReal Astaxanthin to protect tired eyes.


The Viteyes Gummies and Capsules formulas will help your eyes recover from strain and fatigue. The children's version of Viteyes Blue Light Defender has a pediatric dose in its ingredients; it is a chocolate berry soft chew. It can be taken once a day. This little Viteyes gummy eye miracle for children get protection for your child’s eyes against harmful blue light.



VitEyes Soft Chews for Adults and Benefits: 

How does the VitEyes Blue Light Defender soft chews or gummies for Adults taste like? These taste superb because they taste like blueberries but chewy. It is not too sugary either, and it has natural sugars, which is excellent for our blood sugar in our bodies.

I like how these gummies are easy to take in the morning before I go to work and for my husband, who does not like taking tablets or capsules, especially not tablets for my husband and son. My husband and I have also exposed to energy-efficient LED lighting and blue lights for our work every day.

The VitEyes Soft Chews ingredients for protection are as below: 

VitEyes, with time, will protect against the long-term harm of digital devices and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Top and Key Ingredients in this Formula:

  • There is a combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin.
  • The flavor is not yucky or disgusting, and a berry one.
  •  All of the ingredients are made for it to be allergy-free.

Viteyes Blue Light Defender has Lutein at 20 mg and Zeaxanthin at 4 mg; it protects your eyes from blue light and keeps them healthy and strong.

This formula includes the bilberry for extra eye health benefits.

Viteyes Blue Light Defender has a natural, berry-flavor; the soft chews or gummies do enhance are free of common everyday allergens; it is Kosher Certified, Vegan, and a Pectin Based formula.


Viteyes Capsules Adults + Soft Chews and Gummies 



You would enjoy this one for those who enjoy the Capsules and an extra boost of eye supplements. I like that these capsules are easy to swallow as well.

Viteyes is one of the top brands my family and I have tried, and others I have spoken to in person either are learning about the Viteyes or already know about them; these people also enjoy them.

Who are the Viteyes Blue Light Defender + capsules good for? The capsules are excellent for those who do not like to taste a fruity taste from their supplements; it is also easy to swallow. This one is made for adults specifically.

  •  It gives us adults eye protection from the back of the eye to the front.
  •  It has a natural defense from blue light with Zeaxanthin and Lutein in its formula.
  •  It protects and from eye fatigue and strain.
  •  Top recommendation by eye healthcare professionals.

Viteyes Blue Light Defender + has an excellent formula; it includes the Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and the patent Viteyes ingredient Astareal® Astaxanthin. This will give you complete protection from your eyes overall. The Viteyes Blue Light Defender + contains Zeaxanthin at 4 mg and Lutein at 20 mg.

As I had mentioned before, it does protect the macula from the harmful results of blue light from your gadget and devices with screens on them.

I enjoy how the Viteyes do have their special ingredient as a plus: the Astareal® Astaxanthin to help with your eyes' defense a little bit more.

This Viteyes Blue Light Defender + is the premium formula that helps with the digital blue light screen eye fatigue and eye strain.


My overall results and Conclusion: 

Using the ViteEyes Blue Light Defender + and VitEyes Blue Light besides, Viteyes Blue Light Defender helped my family and me. We have seen a difference in our eyes. We feel that our eyes are less tired. We also enjoy the added benefits of Bilberry & Vitamin C and is free from common allergens. Viteyes Eye Health supplements are recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.




What do you think of these VitEyes Blue Light Defender Gummies for Adults, VitEyes Blue Light Defender Gummies for Children, and the VitEye Capsules Blue Light Defender? Let me know in the comment section below!



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