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Athens 8 Foot Pool Table Review
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Athens 8 Foot Pool Table Review

My family and I have always enjoyed playing pool at a friends or family house to learn a game full of different wonders. It has its rules as other games and it requires a lot of eye coordination with the ball on the pool table. My husband and I do fancy the idea of a pool table at our home when we could budget for it. 

My husband and I always entertain guests at our home. We want to find something that would entertain us and our guests, has excellent, and that is a classic game to play. We knew right away that playing pool on a pool table at home would be the perfect classic game. 

We have checked out a place online where they have a lot of pool tables for great prices. The pool tables do tend to cost a lot because of quality and high demand of playing that game at
your very own home. I had searched many pool tables and have an eye on one pool table called the Athens 8 foot pool table. We liked that it is discounted at 38% off at Ozone Billards. 

Discounted  Price at Ozone Billards: $2,199 dollars. The price used to be $3,544.00. 

Quality: The Athens 8 foot pool table has excellent quality and it acts and feels like it would be worth way more than the discounted price of $2,199 dollars. It has excellent workmanship and it will last you forever. 

What to look for in a pool table Tip: 

1) The level is a must: A level surface is really important in order to play well on your pool table. We saw that this Athens 8 Foot Pool table has exactly what we are looking for here.

2) Quality: The appearance of a solid hardwood workmanship is really important to play well and smoothly.

3) Felt: It has to have felt to play well with your cue which is the stick that you play with and your pool balls.

4) Slate: the best one usually has a diamond-honed surface. Look for a slate that has a minimum of 3/4 inch of supporting wood, which this Athens 8 foot pool table at Ozone Billards has in stock for us. 

5) Pockets: The four pockets should be made with soft rubber plastic like the Athens 8 foot pool table. If you get the hard plastic one, it will break with time usage. 

6) Warranty: Always have a warranty just in case you need to replace parts on your pool table.  

Advice: You should have a lot of room to put your pool table in. This way your friends, family, and yourselves are able to move swiftly across the room. You should think of going for at least 5 feet in clearance on all for sides of your pool table. 

The Athens 8 foot pool table comes in a variety of colors. 
The color we had decided to go with that will match our basement entertainment room would be the Athens 8 foot pool table in white.
We thought it would match everything we have around our room. 

You could get a vivid color if you enjoy it to brighten up your place more. Even the white color is a white bright color which will bring life to our entertainment room.

This is how the white Athens 8 foot pool table looks like:

The Variety of Colors it Comes in: 

  •  Black

  •  Bottle Green             

  •  Burgandy

  •  White                        

  •  Camel

  • Tournament Green

  • Dark Green

  • Navy

  • Red

  • Wine

The Athens 8 Foot Pool Table’s Features: 

  • 100% European Hardwood Construction with a white finish, Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlaid double diamond sights.
  • French style cabinet and solid wood leg design
  • Genuine Leather Pockets
  • 3-piece oversized 1″ slate
  • Double crossbeam construction
  • Slate leveling system installed under slate
  • 3-piece oversized 1″ slate
  • Double crossbeam construction

  • Deluxe pool table accessories kit which includes four 2-piece pool cues, bridge stick, pool ball set, instruction book, horsehair brush, under rail brush, tally bottle, tally balls, tip repair kit, 6 cue clip wood wall rack, vinyl pool table cover, 8 ball rack, 9 ball rack, and chalk with holder. 

  • It has 8 ‘ pool table dimensions: Playfield – 44″ x 88″. On the outside, it is approximately 56″ x 100″. It weighs 750 pounds or lbs. 
  • It has Optional the perfect drawer add-on, the first and only attachable drawer to store all of your billiard accessories in a unique way and safely under the table and out of sight. 
  • Easy to install: the Best part of it is that it is easy to install with no special tools to use.

Ozone Billards has a Lifetime Warranty for your pool table: 

Is good to purchase it from Ozone Billards because they give you a lifetime warranty for your pool table. We saw that as a plus to protect our future Athens 8 foot pool table. 

The warranty is only granted to the original purchaser. The lifetime warranty includes the table cabinet, wood rails, blinds, legs, and internal support system. They guaranteed it to be free from splitting or cracking. 

They do have their limitations and exclusions. Always keep in mind all that your lifetime warranty has to offer. My husband and I will definitely purchase our Athens 8 foot pool table from Ozone Billards. 

I hope you will enjoy your next pool table. Our household will sure enjoy ours. 

Do any of you own a pool table? Does anyone like playing pool? 

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