Pixi Beauty lovers who enjoy using glitter makeup have sent these beautiful glitter eyeshadow set from Pixi Beauty by Petra. I also enjoy using their quality skincare products like this one here. Pixi Beauty is known for its excellent high quality, no bad chemical makeup. I also like that these glitter eyeshadows do not fall off easily and stay put together.


I received a  Pixi H20 Skindrink Gel for skin hydration, a Pixi Lip lifts Max in Peony BloomsPixi Glittery Quad in Rose, and Bronze eyeshadow palette, and Pixi Skintreats makeup melting cleansing cloths with Chamomile and Rose it in.

Benefits of the Pixi H20 Skindrink Gel, Pixi Glitter Quad in Rose and Bronze eyeshadow, Pixi Lip lift Max in Peony Bloom, and the :

Pixi Beauty H20 Skindrink Gel:

  • It is great to know that the H20 Skindrink gel gives your skin intense moisture and hydration while being lightweight and enriched with green tea.
  • It also has aloe vera and rosemary for protection and healing.
  • It is also compatible with all skin types and paraben-free.
  • The H20 Skindrink hydration gel because it is smooth and absorbs well while moisturizing.

How to Apply the H20 SkinDrink Gel:

• Is the best top use in the morning.

• Apply the gel lightly after cleaning your skin, toning, and adding serum or essence.

• Helps very much to put on before makeup. It makes your skin look healthier.

Tip: Pixi Beauty H20 SkinDrink Gel Helps with de-puffing when you chill it in the refrigerator.

Ingredient Benefits:

• I like that it has green tea properties as a powerful Antioxidant for your skin

• It has rosemary extract to rejuvenate and stimulate your skin cells.

• Of course, glycerin acts as a humectant to trap moisture to the skin.



Glitter-y Eye Quad in Rose and Bronze Palette: 

  • This Eye Quad Palette has a smooth yet put together a formula to hold the glitter with pigment together. It is applied with no fallouts.

I enjoy that this Pixi Beauty palette has no fall outs and especially as a glitter eyeshadow. 

It is not tested on animals and vegan.

  • You will get 4 grams of each glitter eyeshadow in the Glitter-y Eye Quad in Rose and Bronze Palette.

How to use the Glitter-y Eye Quad in Rose and Bronze Palette?

  • You can either use it on bare lids or layer it on top of another eyeshadow.
  • I had used both the pink colored glitter eyeshadow and brown eyeshadow to  create the look I have below.

Pixi Lip lift Max in Peony Blooms :

  • This lipgloss is lightly pigmented, as you can see on my lips below. On my hands, it looks pretty pigmented.
  • I did like that it was not sticky like other lip glosses. You do feel a tingly sensation for that lip volume effect that it does; it is subtle. It is not extreme. I already have full natural lips.

Pixi Lip lift Max in Peony Blooms


Pixi Beauty Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths:

I like that these makeup remover wipes are so gentle while removing my making. 

I like that it has chamomile and rose while hydrating, nourishing, and protecting your skin with vitamin E.


Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths:


These makeup and skincare from Pixi By Petra Beauty are worth checking out. These did do well for my skin and also excellent for an ideal or everyday look. I did enjoy using Glitter-y Eye Quad Palette did give a smooth glittery texture to my eyelids.

It sure is eye-catching when you wear the Glitter-y Eye Quad Palette. I used both my brush and fingers to make my eyelid look. The Lip Lift Max lipgloss did help with a little bit of plumping and glam. You can remove both with the Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth. I was delighted with this set of items from Pixi By Petra Beauty. 

What do you think of the Glitter-y Eye Quad Palette, Lip Lift Max lipgloss, and Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth? 



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