Smooth Pores Naturally with Touch in SOL No Poreblem Hybrid Primer


Here is a before and after picture of myself using the Touch in SOL’s No Poreblem Hybrid Primer Touch SOL’s mission is to bring happiness back to the cosmetics and beauty industry, helping inspire confidence for all of us.


Touch in SOL will give you 24/7 matte coverage without drying and make skin smooth as butter. I like that it did give my makeup a “seamless coverage for all-day wear.” You can see it did make my pores smaller. I like that it doesn’t feel heavy or pore-clogging due to the airy texture.


The SOL’s No Poreblem Hybrid Primer is also infused with vitamin C, E, and tea extracts to tighten skin and oil; it also has long-lasting wear.


Does Touch in SOL work for all skin types?

I have combination skin, so I get oily spots on my skin.

Directions In how to Use Tip:

I would use one small pump amount and apply a light, even layer of the SOL’s No Poreblem Hybrid Primer to my combination skin. This way, you can have a smooth canvas or smooth face look on your skin and not rough with dry areas if not moisturized.


Benefits of using Touch in SOL’s No Poreblem Hybrid Primer :

  • It minimizes the pores, and it is an anti-wrinkle primer. It does help to my and your pores. It did lift my skin; this does help to make your skin firm and smooth. 

  • This smooth and hydrating primer also helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, allowing wrinkles, fine lines, and smooth skin texture so that it allows the skin to be seamless.

Is this Touch in SOL Primer used for both with and without makeup?

Yes, this Touch in SOL Primer could be used alone to cover your large pores or for makeup.

Does the Touch in SOL Primer help oily skin and other skin types?

  • This Touch in Sol primer is used for makeup and helps with oily skin; it hydrates the skin and prevents moisture loss by strengthening the moisture barrier. This pore filler primer will give you a healthy-looking face at once while regulating oil excretion and controlling sebum production. 

Does the skin look velvety after using this Touch in SOL Primer?

Yes, the skin appears more velvet-looking and is a lightweight and non-sticky foundation primer.

How does the Touch in SOL Primer help with your makeup?

It helps you prepare the skin before the makeup by minimizing the spots, blemish while hydrating your skin. This face primer shrinks my pores and smoothes any uneven skin appearance.

Is Touch in SOL Primer a Professional Quality Makeup Primer?

Yes, Touch in SOL Primer sure is a Professional Quality Makeup Primer. I like how this face primer shrinks my and your pores, and it did smooth my skin.

Does the Touch in SOL Primer make your skin look tacky?

No, the Touch in SOL Primer does not make your skin appear tacky.

Does the Touch IN SOL Pore Blem Primer contain plant-based ingredients? 

Yes, the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer contains plant-based ingredients and has soluble collagen in it too. 

What does the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer do to your skin?

It helps to hydrate skin, minimize pores and uneven skin tone and energize your skin.

Is the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer a long-lasting makeup primer?

Yes, the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer is a long-lasting makeup primer, lasting close to 8 hours for me before reapplying or touching up. 

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Is the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer a chemical-free makeup primer?

Yes, the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer is a chemical-free makeup primer, and it does not contain paraben, acrylamide, talc, animal ingredients, or mineral oils; it makes it great for all skin types. I am combination skin, meaning I have an oil T-Zone on the face and dry areas on the side. 

Tip or Advice for Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer:

Always dispense a small amount and apply a thin layer on the surface of your skin, and then massage in lightly.  Check out Touch in Soul PoreBlem Primer here. 



In Conclusion: 

I will keep using the Touch in SOL Pore Blem Primer every time while wearing makeup or without makeup. I like how lightweight it feels on my combination skin, and it is my top clean beauty primer to use.  


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