I made this lifestyle and review website for you all. I do all the writing, blogging, content creation, SEO, research, all of my social media channels, customize my website, do product photography, and more on this website alone.

The website is done by myself to help you all!
I do honest reviews on products with detailed information before purchasing tips on products with less or no harmful chemicals; I present quality and high-quality products to you all.

I have customized my website with a clean, pleasant, and organized look. I give you insights on Beauty, Clean Beauty, Korean Beauty and products, skincare, Makeup, Health, Food, Fashion, Jewelry, and more.

Note: I am able to work and choose businesses that I think are ethical and are true to their products for my readers.

You can contact me here or even on my social media channels below.






Note: I am open to do collaborations with small businesses and popular companies or businesses. 


Below are examples of brands I had done Campaigns with:


Emma Beauty Clean Beauty small business
Emma Beauty Clean Beauty


Tom’s of Maine Clean Beauty Self Care

NO fluoride clean toms of maine self care

Smile Brilliant Ad

Behealthy Life essentials logo-best



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