Natural & Clean Febreze One No Aerosol, No Dyes, & No Heavy Perfumes: Fabric & Air Refresher Review

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Our search for the best cleaners that have better and more natural ingredients for our family and friends to live around is always a bit of struggle, especially back in the day when it was thought of never to happen, which is untrue and in the past. I had seen this spray from Febreze One on television with no aerosol, no dyes, and no heavy perfume in our recent times.

I had been using this more natural cleaner in the past year and some more months. It has not been a letdown and has been very helpful in cleaning the dirty stinky air from my home spaces.

My family and friends were giving me compliments that my room area did not have a heavy perfume scent and it was very refreshing to be in the rooms in my house.


I am always searching for free items, even though I did purchase the Febreze One on my own before receiving it for free. I saw that Crowdtap had an offer to give me a free Bamboo scent Febreze One and I had to apply to it immediately since I was hooked and my entire family, friends, and I are always hooked to the variety of refreshing light scent that it gives my house.

Crowdtap does check well who will honestly give the best reviews, and they have seen that I am a hard working honest reviewer, and they have chosen me to receive the free Febreze One Fabric and Air mist spray. I was only given one Febreze One spray scent, which was Bamboo. Crowdtap had sent me other important great products to share with you all that I accepted because they did work well such as the Unilever Hair Care package for damaged hair and care here.

I have tried all of the scents from the Febreze One spray, which are the bamboo, orchid, and the Mandarin. My favorites are the Mandarin scent and the Bamboo scent. These all have nozzles which you press and spray one big one into the air. All you need is one to two sprays, and it will be enough for one room.  They all have 10.1 fl ounces each.




Benefits of the Febreze One Fabric and Air mist sprays: 

    • It has an easy to use nozzle to press and spray into the air.

    • It cleans away bad odor fast.

    • It leaves a light not a heavy perfume in the air.

    • It has no aerosols.

    • It has no dyes.

    • This spray has no heavy perfumes.

    • It is natured-inspired deodorizer made from a corn ingredient.

    • The fragrance is made with natural ingredients.

    • It is nature-inspired as a pure light fresh fragrance.

    • It has a multi-use fabric plus air freshener that removes odor from curtains, carpets, beddings, fabric from the sofas, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and your kitchens.

    • Safe for pregnant, children, and breastfeeding mothers.

Below you can see how I would spray the Febreze One, and the spray is strong enough to squirt out a really great amount of the product, and like I had said, two sprays would be just fine. 


You can get your very own Febreze One Kit here. 

You can get your Bamboo scented Febreze one here.

You can find your Febreze Mandarin  One Kit here.

You can find your Febreze Orchid One Kit here.

In conclusion, it this is one of the very best natural and truly effective air mist sprays that will definitely help your household or any place you are become cleanse and smell refreshing and not heavily fragranced.

Let me know in the comments section below if you like using the Febreze One if you have used it yet? What do you think of a natural spray? Let me know in the comments section below.

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