Oceans Halo Coconut Seaweed Strips Healthy Snack Review


Healthy snacks are hard to come by, and it is not easy to choose one that is premade and taste super good. My family and I enjoy snacks and treats, and mostly healthy options, which have better ingredients in them. I have eaten the Ocean’s Halo before and still do recently.

I was given the opportunity to have it for free this time by a place online where they give you free coupons and samples if you participate and do all of what they say to do for your the product they would like you to comment on their website.

My last free product with Social Nature was my Flavanaturals Dark Chocolate here.  Happy to have been chosen by Social Nature to receive my free coupon and my buy one get one free coupon as you can see below.

How do the Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Strip taste and feel in your mouth?   I will tell you honestly, I wish they would add more chocolate and coconut and better taste in the center with some kind of healthy sugar because these did lack some more taste for my taste buds.

I have tasted the Ocean’s Halo Almond Seaweed strips, but prefer the Ocean’s Halo Coconut and Chocolate Seaweed Chips or strips because I like that combo for my taste buds.




Benefits of the Ocean’s Halo Coconut and Chocolate and Almond and Chocolate Seaweed:  

  • This snack works wonders for those who really like seaweed and have a different taste and twist to their healthy treats during the day.

  • It does satisfy your craving in a crunch, seaweed distinct taste, and also the little bits of coconut and maybe find some chocolate in some.

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • Vitamins and minerals from the Seaweed




Below you can see in my 3D picture that I had taken for you all,  exactly how it looks like in the center.



Below is how I would eat my Ocean’s Halo on a plate when doing work or just eating it after having a lunch or dinner for example.


You can get your own Ocean’s Halo Coconut and Dark Chocolate snack here and your Ocean’s Halo Almond strip snack here.

Let me know if you are seaweed eaters and fans? Have you tried the Ocean’s Halo Strip snacks before? What do you think of these snacks and will you try them? Let me know in the comments section below.

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