Persil Pro Clean Free Laundry Detergent by Influenster


I always search and explore new laundry detergents and cleaning products out there. I was happy to see that Influenster had chosen me to test out the Persil Pro Clean laundry detergentInfluenster had sent me a sample of one load. I always saw the commercials for this detergent showing that it works very well. 

Influenster is a place where you are able to receive free products for testing and sometimes you are could receive a product that is valued close to $200 dollars. You can also receive full-size or many times you receive products that are sample size that is sent to you in the mail like they had given here with this Persil Pro clean laundry detergent sample. In order for you to receive that you must apply here for Influenster

I tested the Persil Pro clean laundry detergent on my family’s laundry, and we really enjoyed the fresh scent and it did clean the laundry very well.

I always use cold water for our laundry. It does work well and does what it said it suppose to do. My family is not allergic to the ingredients of this detergent. 

It is important to always do a small testing on one piece of clothing just to see if you are allergic to the results of your clothes with this laundry detergent.

 Tip: If you are allergic to ingredients in this detergent, please do a test by applying some one piece of the clothing article, and then using it for the rest of the clothes when you see you are not allergic to this detergent. 
Benefits of this Laundry Detergent:

Stain fighting,




Clean rinsing



Odor-fightingFiber care.

Scent: Fresh and clean

If you are interested in using and trying the Persil Proclean Original here..You can get your

Persil 2-in-1 Detergent here.





I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
Which is your favorite laundry detergent? Have any of you used Persil Proclean?

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