Philosophy Brand Products for a Younger, Smoother, Plumped, and Healthy Skin.

Philosophy is an American innovator that has over 30 years of professional skincare experience. This American innovator has worked with skin-care laboratories and decided to share her knowledge, spread the joy and celebrate gorgeous skin.
The Philosophy inspiration for their products is based on using dermatological science and biomedical treatments at home. They want to connect the separation between what is given at the dermatologists’ office and stores in order for women everywhere to have that opportunity to experience excellent skincare on a budget from their own homes.
 I really enjoy how they care about what would benefit the beauty and skincare of us amazing people out there through their clinical studies. 
I am not biased on beauty products. I always am on the search for the best beauty products out there to take care of my skin and to inform others of what is the best product I have found during my skincare and beauty and other life products journey.
As many people have their favorite go-to products within the brands they prefer to shop at, I do too. I always try different Philosophy brand products because I know they know their skincare and beauty very well in and out. 
My favorite products from Philosophy: 
1) Hope in the Jar skincare and makeup products
2) Purity
3Micro-delivery skincare products. 
The Philosophy Variety Skincare and Cosmetic products:
The Philosophy brand has other categories and names to specific beauty treatments within the Philosophy beauty line. 
1) Amazing Grace
2) Time in a Bottle
3) Clear Days Ahead
4) Fresh Cream, Falling in Love
5) No Reason to Hide
6) The Supernatural
7) Uplifting Miracle Worker
8) Miracle Worker
9) Take a Deep Breath  
10) Renewed Razor Sharp for Men
11)Take a Deep Breath
12) Pure Grace 
13) Ultimate Miracle Worker Pearl 
14) Instant Miracle Worker 
15) Turbo Booster C Powder 
16) No Reason to Hide
17) Renewed Hope Day Night 
18) Back to Nuture
19) Pure and Joyful
20) Ultimate Miracle Worker
21) Hope in a Tube
22) Anti-Wrinkle Miracle 
23) Hope in a Tube 

I am sure there will be many more Philosophy innovative ideas in skincare and cosmetics. 
I will talk about the product lines I use most from the Philosophy brand in my other Philosophy brand posts. 

This special offer below I had received from Philosophy during their big sale and special promotions week in the end of the 2016 year. 

The promotion below was to receive all these goodies free with a purchase of $70 dollars and above. 

I am a big fan of Philosophy and I had right away wanted to take advantage of the offer. I had ordered my Philosophy Hope in a Jar BB cream because I was stocking up on something so good and useful in my life. I then received all these extra goodies and a stylish black and white Philosophy bag. 

Remember to always keep an eye on these special offers from Philosophy throughout the year.

What is your favorite Philosophy Brand Product? Do you use them on a daily basis?