HighOh Sanitary Charcoal Bamboo Pads

Protecting the environment while saving us money is always a great idea. As a female, I also look for something that is practical, environmentally friendly, and reusable.

The HighOh reusable antibacterial charcoal bamboo cloth pads with a snap-on a button for your underwear.
HighOh sent me these personal reusable, safe, and antibacterial due to the charcoal. It is a hygienic product.

When I would do jumping jacks lately, I need these light pads for a bit of urine loss while jumping because of being a mommy and giving birth. I read the description for this product, and it looks like it is used as a period kit, bladder support, urine incontinence, sanitary napkins, or anything else personal. It also has a lightweight, portable free waterproof wet bag.

The pads are waterproof and made with antibacterial charcoal material and machine washable safe. This is great to replace and save money for this.

Benefits of the HighOh Sanitary Charcoal Bamboo Pads

  • Save a lot of money because their bamboo pads are washable and last 3 to 4 years before you throw it out. 
  • They are made with reusable, hygienic, and recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • High Oh Keeps you clean and dry all the way. I barely had any leaks on the sides of my legs; other pads due cause leaks on the sides of my legs.
  • It made with natural bamboo charcoal fiber. This material is very effective and decomposes any kind of micro-organisms in the pad itself. There are 2 layers of natural bamboo charcoal fiber and waterproof layer.
  • The HighOh pads also keeps you clean, hygiene, and dry all day for no or minimum bacteria and odor.
  • It has a leak-proof technology. It prevents any leaks from going to your skin or underwear, which keeps you fresh all day.
  • It is also washable and is durable.
  • like that it does not have bleach with chlorine dioxide, bio-accumulative and harmful byproducts like dioxin like regular pads carry. These chemicals actually cause menstrual cramps. HighOh reduces menstrual cramps and hormones disruption.

How to wash your High Oh Sanitary Charcoal Bamboo Pads? 

Put into your washing machine to wash our pads and add your safe washing detergent.

To dry them, you can put it into the washing machine or air dry them. It is not necessary to use a mesh bag to wash these but is up to you. 



I am now enjoying these amazing HighOh Sanitary Charcoal Pads, which help with my menstrual cramps. Reduced menstrual cramps and stay happier and more focused on your daily activities.


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What do you think of these HighOh Sanitary Charcoal Pads? Let me know in the comments section below!

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