Creams in your skin care routine with Full Spectrum CBD is a must in a natural or, and organic face cream. I enjoy how creams can be a bit thicker than lotions and just a little bit goes a long way with just a pea size on each section of your face, such as your cheeks, forehead, and chin.

There is a full spectrum CBD cream that is made with organic anti-aging skin ingredients, it is from Envy CBD. It is so great to have the fantastic skin loving ingredient CBD also known as cannabidiol, which has excellent benefits for anti-aging in the Envy CBD Unscented Cream. It also has other organic ingredients that make this face cream work so great for any skin type.

I could definitely feel the moisture and goodness within my skin as I apply it. It is also not sticky or slippery and absorbs so well into my skin.

I was lucky to have the knowledge and have been given to test the unscented CBD face cream from Envy CBD. It truly delivers the highest quality full spectrum of CBD with natural organic ingredients with no bad chemicals, and it shows on my skin.

I adore that it has caffeine to slim your puffy and bloated face. I like that it is thick and at the same time it absorbs fast and is not heavy or greasy. I  do have days where my body, face, and skin look puffy and bloated as you see in the picture, and I have used this cream to help with the puffiness, and it has helped the puffy look slim down.

Envy CBD Face Cream Benefits :

🌱 Depuff face with all the ingredients combined including the CBD and the caffeine.

🌱 THC-Free

🌱 GMO-Free

🌱 Full Spectrum

🌱 No bad chemicals

🌱 Absorbs into the skin well and is not sticky or oily.

🌱 Clears redness on your skin with time.

🌱 Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and it does help make your skin supple with time.

🌱 The rich emollient mix is very hydrating.

🌱 Alleviate pain on your muscles and heals your skin.

Steps in on how to use Envy CBD Face Cream :

🌱Use your favorite cleanser and preferably one with less or no bad chemicals.

🌱 Pat dry your face.

🌱 Apply to face and neck every morning and evening.










I definitely have this Envy CBD Cream as part of the skincare routine.  I have applied it on my muscles on my back beside it being a face cream to help with alleviating pain and is not so intense in alleviating pain but it is soothing and helps.

It sure does depuff my face from the days I look puffy due to water retention or other situation my body decides to make my face puffy. It also has helped my skin become moisturized and the wrinkles look to be less every day with Envy CBD Unscented Facial Cream.

Will any of you try the Envy CBD Face Cream with organic ingredients and depuffing effect? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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