Reskin Solution Hydra Facial Softener for Light Deep Moisturization and Uneven Skin Pigmentation with Tip Review

Reskin hydra facial softener skin care antiaging whitening uneven pigment dark spots age spots

A great winter or other seasonal dry weather light moisturizer I have discovered is a Korean and Asian brand called Reskin.  This serum is called Reskin

 Hydra Facial Softener Solution. Who does not like to get pampered and see their skin revive itself with a smoother and plumper look while having a minimum with no uneven skin pigmentation? I sure enjoy this kind spa kind of treatment. I have combination skin and I have many dry spots besides oily spots.

My t-zone is a tricky one because it has both dry and oily spots. I get pimples or acne and also have dry patches if not moisturized. Does that sound like you as well? If so, then this is a definite moisturizing light serum for you. I had talked about a Korean company that gives you free products to try out and they are very limited and picky.

They will pick those who they know will give honest reviews and in detail. This South Korean company I had talked about is called 0.8 liters, and I had talked about them in my last article here.  I was happy to be one of the 30 people chosen out of hundreds to test the Reskin Solution Hydra Facial Softener for you my readers and followers.

I really enjoy trying this after a bath or when I would clean my face, I would put on this super hydrating serum and it feels pretty cooling on your skin.

If you live in dry and really hot weather this is ideal, because of the cooling effect. It is also so lightweight and not heavy. I think is a plus on my list.

Is this serum absorbent and what is the consistency? You can literally feel it absorbs pretty well into your skin as you massage it into your skin.

It is a bit more watery in consistency than other serums I have used, but  I can feel a semi-thick serum like feel to it as well.

Does it brighten and lightens uneven skin pigmentation? Yes, in fact, it has done that. It had honestly had lightened a lot of my uneven skin pigmentation, which I would get from either my ingrown hairs or acne marks. I do not have age spots, and I am in my mid-30’s.



Reskin hydra facial softener skin care antiaging whitening uneven pigment dark spots age spots


The Hydra Facial Softener Solution was also given the grand prize for the 2nd consecutive year for the best skincare product. It was also mentioned in really great magazines like major magazines such as Allure and Vouge for example. I have the picture below showing this.

Reskin skin care hydra facial softener allure vogue fashion magazine


Reskin Facial Softner Solution full detailed in depth review


Benefits of the Reskin Solution Hydra Facial Softener and My Experience:

  • The Reskin Solution Hydra Facial Softener is a natural serum solution that gives moisture because of the plant-derived ingredient called Aquaxyl, which actually has helped my dry rough skin.

  • It has helped my rough skin become much smoother and less dry and older looking.

  • It has the ingredient Niacinamide, which is an ingredient that has helped me balance out and eliminate your uneven dark spots and pigmentation from your skin. It also had made my skin become much brighter and radiant.

  • The ingredients in this serum solution also have helped me protect from free radicals and harsh chemicals from the environment.

  • This serum also has helped my skin become stronger to combat dry, flaky skin, and strengthen my skin barrier from forming skin patches over other skin patches.
  • It has taken away the dead skin cells, which forms those rough dry patches.
  • I was happy to know that it has low-molecular hyaluronic acid, which is for skin plumping and antiaging.
  • The ingredients in the product prevent moisture loss from your skin.
  • I like that it also works as a toner for both anti-wrinkle and also skin brightening.

How to use the Reskin Hydra Facial Softener: 

  • You first have to first wash your face with your favorite cleanser.
  • After cleansing use about two pumps for your entire face.
  • Massage the serum on your forehead, your cheeks, your cheek, and swipe upward on your neck.
  • Massage for about 30 seconds, and it will be absorbed into your skin.

4 Step Reskin Collection: 

  • It is part of a 4 step process from the Reskin collection, and it is the first product used.
  • The second step using the Reskin Solutio Hydra Facial Essence.
  • The third step is using the Hydra Solution Facial Cream.
  • The fourth and last step is using the Reskin Solution Hydra Gel Mask.


  • Slightly wet a napkin or cotton with water and wring it. After, take a pump or two of the right amount of the Reskin Hydra Facial Softener Solution, and use it as a hydrating pack.  It worked for me.

Can I wear  Reskin  Hydra Facial Softener under my makeup? Yes, I can wear the Reskin Hydra Facial Softener Solution makeup because it is not greasy and it does not affect the components of my makeup ingredients with my experience.


The packaging is in the shape of a silver see-through glass cylinder plastic bottle. It is an elegant fancy looking bottle, and it holds 100 ml or 3.38 FL. OZ. of liquid. It comes with a pump, which you can easily push down and pump out the serum into your clean hands.


The price could range from $35.00 up to $45 dollars.  It is a fairly good value for the amount you get and that it actually does work.

Where to Purchase

 You can purchase your very own Reskin Hydra here.


It has Niacinamide, Aquaxyl, and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice extract, which helps with uneven dark spots and skin tone and intense hydration. It also has Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, and Guava Fruit Extract, which is for moisturization and skin elasticity. Last, it has Quinine Tree Bark Extract and Desert Sand Verbena Leaf Extract to protect and soften your skin.

Skin Recommendations:

As a woman with combination skin type, I have oily and dry skin. The Reskin Hydra soften# The RS Hydra Softner is recommended for concerns like?
– I want to provide appropriate oil and moisture to my skin.
– I have oily skin, and my skin feels taut inside due to insufficient moisture.
– I have dry skin with flaky, dead skin cells.
– I want to provide moisture and eliminate my uneven dark spots from acne and ingrown hairs under my chin and skin.

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Reskin Solution Hydra Facial Softener whitening Effect oil water balance moisture supply korean beauty dark uneven pigment lightener dark spots review

Reskin demonstration skin plump whitening uneven skin fix serum


Do any of you need a skin care for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and or uneven skin tone? What is your skin type, oily, dry, or combination?

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  1. Seb

    This is my favourite one up until now, the fact that it makes your skin look slightly more pale is cool. Not for men though?

    • It is for men as well besides women, and it will not make your skin more pale! Lol! It just evens it out. Happy Holidays or Christmas! 🙂

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