Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Full Coverage Matte Foundation Benefits and More Review

For those makeup addicts, makeup collectors, makeup wearers or testers, do you not ever search for that perfect foundation that could last you hours, not cake, and make you look old? That is something as a makeup wearer and tester such as myself is always trying to discover that perfect foundation that minimizes the pores I have, does not flake, and blurs fine lines instead of emphasizing them.

To my surprise, a great place called Influenster, which I had talked about in my other Influenster product post called Influenster Charm Voxbox Free Haircare, Food, and Fragrance Surprise Review had given me the opportunity to try a high-end excellent foundation such Yves Saint Laurent  24-hr foundation. I was so happy to know that all my hard work and participating in many activities within Influenster paid off. It is hard to get this high quality and high-end makeup from Influenster due to the high demand of course and other little secrets to be discovered as you do mini-reviews or activities for Influenster and you can apply here to receive your first free products.

A piece of history of Yves Saint Laurent is that it was discovered in the year 1961 as the first couture house of fashion. YSL had introduced the luxurious pret-a-porter in the year 1966. Their fashion collection in 1966 was called “Rive Gauche,” which means freedom and youthfulness. Now that is superb I would think. They do not only make makeup, but also fashion with women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories like handbags, shoes, jewelry, small goods made of leather, scarves, eyewear, and even ties.  Especially excellent news for you fashionistas or fashion fanatics out there.

Immediately, I had opened this beautiful black box that said Influenster on it and there was my lovely gift that I had earned. I could not wait to test it out and show all of you what it is all about. The Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation has so many quality benefits for your appearance and skin. It supposes to help with instantly blurring your pores, wrinkles, and fine lines while providing everlasting flawless appearance and elegance. Since it is a semi-permanent makeup, you would not need much of a touch-up.

The Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation has sunscreen with an SPF of 20.  I had to see if this actually does work and stands by to what it said. I have combination skin, and this means I do relate to some ladies with oily skin and dry skin. I would have dry spots around my nose area and chin, and some parts of my chin would get a bit oily. The area that would get only the most would be my t-zone area, which is on my nose, the upper center of my nose and forehead. This should be a little miracle of a foundation.


In the picture below, I am wearing the shade in the color Warm Ivory. Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation comes in a variety of colors to suit all skin colors. It gives you a matte finish.


This is my before and after picture while wearing my Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation


How I use my Yves Saint Laurent 24-Hour Foundation with my Combination skin (oily/dry spots): 

  • Key here for combination and oily skin would be using a water-based primer underneath and water-based everything. Please stay away from silicone primers or just use ones with very low amount of silicone in it. Make sure that the silicone is at the end of the ingredients, which means that it has a low amount of silicone. If you would like to stick with just Yves Saint Laurent, I would advise the YSL All Hours Primer, which you can get here.   I would stay with the YSL products because they are always higher quality.

  • My key reason would help you use this foundation and get better results and no aging appearance at all like you could get with a silicone based primer and this foundation.

  • Make sure you have washed your skin with a cleanser.

  • I prefer to use a beauty blender or a similar soft makeup sponge like Real Techniques, which you can find here for that elegant luminous attractive look.

  • If you would like a much lighter coverage instead of a full thicker coverage, just use a penny sized amount of the product on all around your face. That means pump for the penny size shared on both cheeks, and share the other small size for your forehead and chin. I tried following the directions of using one drop, and it did not cover my face entirely.

  • If you would like a full coverage, I would layer it twice. I would do the pump twice for what you did for that lighter coverage.

  • Bounce the Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques sponge all around your face to cover the foundation all over.

Benefits of the Yves Saint Laurent 24-Hour Foundation: 

  • This foundation does not cake at all, and it does last close to your 24-hour mark, but I noticed it lasted closer to 16 hours max, but it can last long with just a little translucent powder called Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Compact Radiance Perfection Universelle, which is one of the best lightweight translucent powder.

  • The Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation would not cake, flake, fade, or dry up, which is a must for us ladies who would like to appear much younger and not older.

  • It instantly blurs and erases your imperfections, pores, dull, and uneven appearance, which it actually did.

  • This foundation has a sunscreen of SPF 20, which means you could skip your sunscreen routine with this one. If you like to add more sunscreen go with a water based one.

  • This foundation has the highest concentration of oil absorbing pigments, which are ultra fine and cover imperfections well.

  • It is anti-meltdown or meltdown-proof, and I tested that it does do that for 16 hours. It does that by combining the move-with-you foundation technology, giving you a flawless coverage.

  • The Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation felt very lightweight, even when I would double it for a fuller coverage.

  • Amazed that it also protects you from the heat, humidity, and it resists fading for a smooth no droopy sexy look all day long.

  • The Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation also has skin benefits, it is infused with black tea, which is an excellent antioxidant for your skin complexion and helps to fight the appearance of dullness, fatigue, and pollution.

  • It gives you a matte finish.

Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation comes in a variety of colors as you can see below: 

  • Warm Ivory- Fair and Neutral Golden Undertone BD20

  • Cool Sand BR40- Light / Medium-Neutral Pink Undertone BR40

  • Ivory Fair Light B20- Neutral Undertone

  • Cool Ivory BR20

  • Cool Porcelain BR10- Fair and Neutral Pink Undertone

  • Porcelain B10- Fair and Neutral Undertone

  • Warm Beige BD25- Light Golden Undertone

  • Almond B30-Light and Neutral Undertone

  • Cool Almond BR30- Light and Neutral Pink Undertone

  • Warm Almond BD30 – Light Golden Undertone

  • Warm Caramel BD35 – Light / Medium  Golden Undertone

  • Sand B40 – Light / Medium Neutral Undertone

  • Warm Sand BD40 – Light / Medium  and Neutral Golden Undertone

  • Bisque B45 – Medium Neutral undertone

  • Warm Bisque BD45 – Medium and Golden Undertone

  • Honey B50 – Medium / Tan and Neutral Undertone

  • Cool Honey BR50- Medium / Tan and Pink Undertone

  • Warm Honey BD50 – Tan and Golden Undertone

  • Amber B60 – Tan and Neutral Undertone

  • Mocha B70 – Medium / Deep and Golden Undertone

  • Chocolate B80 – Deep / Red Undertone

  • Ebony B90- Deep and Golden Undertone

What is the consistency of the Yves Saint Laurent 24-hour Foundation?   It is a semi-thick to a thin consistency as you can see in the picture I have provided below, which blends well in your skin with its high-quality advanced ingredients. I am displaying the color Warm Ivory below.



Let me know in the comments below if any of you found my advice and full insight on YSL All Hours Foundation helpful? Do any of you already use YSL makeup products? Have any of you used the YSL All Hours Foundation? Let me know what you think below. Thank you and enjoy!   


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