Full Coverage Concealer Smooth like Skin from Medicube Red Concealer Review


Korean skincare and makeup have been one of my top favorites. They do specialize in high-end skincare and a variety of makeup. I trust their skincare ingredients. It has worked for me for years. I had terrible skin repaired in a natural way and with excellent outcomes.

I started using their medical-grade skincare and makeup from a brand called Medicube. Medicube RED Concealer with SPF 30, which comes in a cute injection like a tube. You do not inject anything into your skin. It comes in fun packaging, saying that the concealer does cover well and looks like skin. It sure does do that. It comes with the right amount of product in it. It has the benefit of shrinking your pore size while concealing! 



The Korean skincare brand Medicube red concealer has full coverage. It is also a smooth concealer that covers without it being tacky or too thick. It also has SPF 30 to help from UV sun rays and anti-aging ingredients to boost your skin’s collagen. 

I had purchased my first Medicube Red Concealer on the 0.8 Liters website for a discount price of $3.99. On this 0.8 Liters website, you could get a product for free out of a random lucky pick, or you can buy it. It would be best if you were fast when purchasing the item for $3.99. A Korean Skincare product I had enjoyed from 0.8 Liters was a collagen and ceramide based one here.

How does the texture of the Medicube Red Concealer feel? The texture feels not too thick or too thin.

Does the Medicube Red Concealer stay on for long? It gave me a natural look, and it stays on for a long time. It stayed out on my face and under eye for over 10 hours.

How much do Medicube Red Concealer do I need for it to conceal? You use a little bit, and it goes a long way. I would dab about less than a pea size to hide skin imperfections. I had purchased the light beige color that you see here.

Does the Medicube Red Concealer come in a variety of colors? Unfortunately, this brand has not made enough makeup since it is a skincare brand. It does not have darker shades for darker people. I hope they do bring more than the light skin color I have, which matches my fair skin complexion with a tint of yellow. 

I would also take it easy with me in my bag. Do keep in mind to make sure you do not push to fast up, or it will squirt somewhere else that is not your fingers. 

What do you think of this Medicube RED Concealer? Let me know in the comments section below and enjoy your week! 




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