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Beauty Skincare

Boost Skin with DERMAE Mood Enhancing Calm, Uplift, and Create Mists

Mood Enhancing products have always been ideal for all us on planet Earth. Especially scented sprays of all sorts, candles, and more. I have enjoyed many kinds of mood, enhancing mists and sprays. Yet, I am selective and do enjoy using mists that work very well. DERMA-E has sent me their DERMA-E Mood Enhancing Skin Beneficial …

Beauty Health

HighOh Boob or Breast Lift Adhesive and Nipple Cover Review

As a woman who enjoys wearing beautiful fashion and trendy based clothes, I do look for something that will not show a bra through my low cut fashion tops. I have discovered the HighOh Breast Lift Tape with Nipple Cover. The HighOh Breast Lift Tape is an adhesive push bra. The HighOh Nipple Covers are nude …

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