Explore Japanese Skincare with b.glen’s Four Skincare Steps

Japanese Skincare with b.glen's Four Skincare Steps

Japanese Skincare and other Asian skincare, such as Korean Skincare, have been very well known over the years. I have been testing out the best quality or high-quality ones in the market. This skincare here is excellent for Acne, Skin discoloration, and Anti Aging skincare.

Japanese Skincare with b.glen's Four Skincare Steps

b.glen Japanese skincare has a variety of great high-quality ingredients for your skin. I did see results with just using b.glen by itself for a month. I am sharing with you four skincare treatments from b.glen. One of them is the b.glen’s Clay Wash, the b.glen’s QuSome Moisture Rich Cream, the b.glen’s Vitamin C Serum, and the b.glen’s QuSome Lotion. b.glen also has other skincare treatments that have yet to be mentioned, which I have mentioned in this post here.

b.glen’s Vitamin C Serum:

I enjoyed using this b.glen’s Vitamin C serum very much. It did help me have better-looking skin and even out the discoloration of my combination skin.

This concentrated solution is gentle yet effective in lightening dark spots, fading acne scars, and shielding the skin from free radical damage.





b.glens’s QuSome Lotion:

This is a gentle yet very effective lotion. This is not like a regular lotion but more like a barrier defense essence or toner.

What are the benefits of using the b.glens’s QuSome Lotion?

It is a high-performing, moisture-rich lotion offering skin barrier defense and up to 17 hours of hydration.
I did see that it did target wrinkle and aging symptoms on the skin. This lotion protects your skin’s natural barrier against pollution  and more.
This lotion. also improves the suppleness and efficiency of creams and lotions that are afterwards administered.




b.glen’s QuSome Moisture Rich Cream:

The b.glen’s QuSome Moisture Rich Cream is a cutting-edge night cream for anti-aging. Hydrolyzed collagen and plant-based amino acids significantly lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles and drooping skin. It has been improved with QuSome technology, and I enjoy how creamy it goes on your face.



b.glen’s Clay Wash:

This b.glen’s Clay Wash has been very good to my combination skin, and it applies very smoothly and does not strip my combination skin type. Multi-purpose face cleanser that gently removes 24 hours’ worth of pore-clogging oils, dirt, pollutants, and makeup residue. Natural Montmorillonite Clay, which gently absorbs contaminants, is used in its creation. Hyaluronic Acid, Chamomile Extracts, and Squalane from plants nourish & brighten the skin.



In Conclusion:

I would use all these 4 skincare treats, and steps from b.glen for my combination skin. I am glad it is good for all skin types.
Since I have combination skin, this will help with my Acne, Skin discoloration, and Anti-aging.

What do you think of the 4 skincare for Acne, Skin discoloration, and Anti-aging from b.glen?

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