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Pixi Beauty H20 Skindrink, Liplift Max Plumper,and Glitter Metallic Palette

Pixi Beauty lovers who enjoy using glitter makeup have sent these beautiful glitter eyeshadow set from Pixi Beauty by Petra. I also enjoy using their quality skincare products like this one here. Pixi Beauty is known for its excellent high quality, no bad chemical makeup. I also like that these glitter eyeshadows do not fall off …


Covergirl Simply Ageless + Olay Liquid Foundation and Primer

COVERGIRL has always been one of the best affordable makeup brands. They are also innovative and like adding ingredients to their makeup to help the skin become better. I always had my almond-shaped eyes on the COVERGIRL Simply Ageless and Olay Foundation. I did try it before and liked it. I am an explorer on makeup …


Coastal Scents REVEAL 3D Palette Festive and Casual Look Review

Attracted to very pigmented and affordable palettes? I have found one which you would enjoy a lot for festive events and present-day Valentine’s Day! I appreciate the affordable makeup brand Coastal Scents. It has a variety of palettes and single eyeshadow colors The palette eyeshadow is smooth and colorful. It is better than many other …

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