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How to Style Your Summer Tube Top Jumpsuit?

Summer vibes and colors are always such a high vibration. This summer, I am trending and feeling the bright colors such as coral, bright pinks, jewelry with crystals and stones from the earth, comfy, sexy peep toe shoes, your sun hat, of course, and chain strap crossbody purse or handbag. During the summer days, I …

Fashion Household

PhotoWall Sweden Interior Decor Wallpaper Do it Yourself Review

Designers and decorators alike would appreciate unique photo walls from Photowall Sweden. Use it as you wish to decorate any room, any area or environment. I have been sent this beautiful decorative wallpaper of the Orion Nebula from Photowall Sweden. The universal concept is we think with our hearts! It is why when we say we …


JORD Elia Clutch Purse Eco-Friendly High Fashion Accessory

Fashion trendy and environmentally conscious is a great attraction to me and others at this age. I would always look for quality clutches, purse, and bags while being fashionable. An environment-friendly and trendy product is plus in my eyes. I am honored to have been sent a beautiful finished Suberhide wallet made with Portuguese Cork Oak Tree. This vegan accessory is perfect to match my JORD Wooden …


JORD, the Unique Trendy, Crafty, and Quality Wood Watch

My outfits represent a lot of who I am on an everyday basis. Accessories such as watches always give expression from within to the outfits I combine to make them unique. I like to have my wardrobe or overall unique look put together with fun, quality, and stylish image. My accessories are very much full …

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