Designers and decorators alike would appreciate unique photo walls from Photowall Sweden. Use it as you wish to decorate any room, any area or environment. I have been sent this beautiful decorative wallpaper of the Orion Nebula from Photowall Sweden. The universal concept is we think with our hearts! It is why when we say we are thinking, we tap near our heart unconsciously. We, as human beings with empathy, connect with our hearts first than anything else. This is my theme and concept for this Orion Nebula Photowall. Orion is part of the stars, and the stars are the heavens. I do enjoy astrology a lot, and I am in love with this image. I had to get it soon and share it with everyone.
I enjoyed that it also brought a wallpaper kit with it. You do select the wallpaper kit by choice, and pay $20 for it when purchasing the product. I enjoyed that the wallpaper kit included a brush for applying glue, a seam roller this makes seams being put together looks invisible. I like the knife and cutting guide for trimming the excess wallpaper. There is a paperhanging brush for smoothing the strips, a pencil and a tape measure, and plus a bubble level. 






Can you get unique wallpapers according to your liking or just go with what Photowall Sweden has in stock, and what are their premade ones in stock?

You can also get specially done wallpapers according to your design and taste. I was looking through all their variety of wallpapers, and I did like their fantasy ones, famous artists’ ones, murals, posters, and colorful scenery ones.

How long does it take for your Photowall Sweden wallpaper to get you?

Their website ends with U.K. or United kingdom. I did receive it from Sweden, and they ship fast through DHL international. It took close to a week to get here, which was awesome during this time of year and time of worldwide virus situation. I like how their variety of wallpapers are not dull and vibrant.

I had chosen a premade photo wall, which I had selected the height and width. It is charming how you can measure your wall and get the right height and width. I do advise to measure your wall before sending out the measurements. I appreciate how colorful the photo wall looks, and my wall now looks and feels like if I was among the Cosmos near the Orion Nebula. It is pretty a magical feeling to be around this image. Backgrounds to your walls do make you feel like you are where this environment or place is located.

I did do a good job doing this by myself. My husband and child were busy. I had chosen the wallpaper kit, and it did help me put together my photo wall for my Orion Nebula Photowall. I will keep looking into more photo walls in the future from Photowall Sweden as you noticed it does come in cut out rectangle pieces.

Below you can see a part of the wallpaper I tried putting together myself. It is not easy to do this yourself. My husband was very busy these days, and so I did not have any help putting this up. I did try my best to put up the cut-out pieces they had sent attached in the big roll of wallpaper from Photowall Sweden.



What do you think of this Photowall I had chosen form the Orion Nebula? Let me know and enjoy your week!💫

I do enjoy this Orion Nebula wallpaper from Photowall. Check them out here-> https://www.photowall.co.ukhttps://www.photowall.co.uk/wall-muralshttps://www.photowall.co.uk/wallpaperhttps://www.photowall.co.uk/canvas-prints, and https://www.photowall.co.uk/posters.


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