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Vanilla Passion fruit wax scented Glade Melts Fancy Burner Review
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Vanilla Passion fruit wax scented Glade Melts Fancy Burner Review

The Glade vanilla passion fruit wax melts. I tested out the scented wax melts. Scented wax melts and other scented products are a lifesaver in helping to make and keep yourself, your family, and others you invite in the scent mood. The amount of time the scent lasts for 6 hours which was a very nice touch because we always want our scent products to last. If you are a huge fan of scented candles, wax melts, incense sticks, and air fresheners, this one is definitely for you all. It helps change the mood into a more relaxed and Zen focused environment.

Is it easy to clean? The wax melt was also easy to clean after when I let it cool off for 4 minutes and then wipe it with a paper towel and threw it out in the garbage. Just follow the instructions on the back to let it cool completely and then remove the wax with a wooden stick. I will use it again. The wax melts are an excellent any person who collects or uses scented items to make their homes and environment smell fresh, amazing, and soothing.

Scent varieties for Glade Wax Melts:Fresh Berries

Vanilla Joy
Cashmere Woods
Passion Fruit

Have you tried the Glade Scented Melts yet? If you have tried it, which one is your favorite? Leave your comments below.






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