Bose is an excellent brand that provides a lot of high-quality features.  I have had the experience of using a Bose brand headset and also speakers in my lifetime.

My husband and I enjoy playing music, games, and videos on our computer. My husband and I had purchased a pair of cheaper speakers from another no-name brand that cost $60 plus tax and they were not that great.

We then decided we needed to try out and purchase the Bose Companion 2 III Multimedia for just $33 dollars more. We were overjoyed that we had purchased this excellent quality Bose Companion 2 speakers.

This is a picture of how the Bose Companion 2 Series III looks like in the box. 

This is how it looks like outside the box.

This is how the box looks in appearance:
All of us are always in search for electronics that will help to either make our lives happy by listening to music through speakers such as Bose  Companion 2 Series III Multimedia.

Beneficial for Computer video game players: 

We would use the Bose Companion 2 speakers for our role-playing World of Warcraft, Diablo II, and other video games. 

Speaker Sound: It has excellent quality which is never scratchy. You will listen to your favorite music, games, and videos very clear.

The Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers costs $99 dollars for the retail price or sometimes $89 dollars when is on sale. 
It is a very affordable price in the speakers market retail price. Speakers could range from over $2,000 like the L1 Model 1S system with B1 bass and Tonematch Audio Engine.

It has a fabric-like black matte finish cover over it instead of metal.