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Free Scent Bursts Review from the original and authentic Candle-Lite Company
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Free Scent Bursts Review from the original and authentic Candle-Lite Company

 I had always enjoyed products from the  Candle-Lite Company.  Candle-Lite had offered me through email if I wanted to try one of their candle scent products. 
I am always curious to learn more about new fun and exciting products out there, especially scented candles, waxes, plug-ins, and any other form of scented items. 
Now something new was invented. It is called the scent bursts.  It is a new innovation invented for making your home smell super wonderful without the wax mess. 
Candle-Lite Company had sent me a Vanilla and Sandlewood scent bursts for free to try.  I really am grateful to have been chosen to test this really great home scent product. 

The scent of the Vanilla and Sandalwood is overpowering and strong. It does smell like cologne. I am sure the other scents smell different and pleasant. This scent is pleasant if you just add very little to your scent warmer.  As I had mentioned before a little goes a long way. 

Scent Bursts Benefits: 

Benefit number 1: These little scent bursts are supposed to be  mess free due to being made of these little rolled up 
Benefit number 2: They are made of curled up the thin paper and not of wax to clean your scent warmers easier. 
Benefit number 3: It also has a delivery system that is patented. 
Benefit number 4: The scent is super powerful and a little bit goes a long way. 
Tip: I learned my lesson because I added a whole lot than what I needed as you can see in the picture. My husband even noticed how overpowering it was too have too much in one shot on your scent warmer. 
Benefit Number 5: It is a safe scent provider that delivers potent and quality scent fragrance.
Benefit  Number 6: Lasts 2 times longer than the regular scented wax.

You can find these at your drugstore or grocery superstore.
Cost: They are worth $4 dollars each at your local drugstore or grocery superstore where they have them in stock.
I will purchase the other varieties in the future since  my family and I really did enjoy these scent bursts from Candle-Lite 
The other varieties they do have are: 
1) The Mahogany and Vetiver
2) The Eucalyptus and Cucumber 
3) The Lemongrass and Coriander
4) The Vanilla and Sandalwood that I was given for free
5) The Lavender and Cedarwood

6) The Jasmine and Patchouli

7) The Oakmoss and Bergamot

8) The Aniqu Pear and Watercress

9) The Aloe and Agave

10) The Ginger and Citrus
What will be your favorite Candle-Lite Company Scent Bursts?  Do any of you enjoy scented products or bursts?

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