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The Fun Way to Earn Money as a Flower Event Host
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The Fun Way to Earn Money as a Flower Event Host


Enjoy doing event planning, party arrangements, and event hosting? You should check out Alice’s Table for such opportunities.  I have thrown parties working as an event planner assistant at one point in my lifetime.

It was a whole lot of fun. In my past work, I used to be an event planner, now since Alice’s Table, I have had the itch to do the event planning job again. I enjoy making parties for my family and especially as a mother, I enjoy throwing parties for my child. I am always looking for event planning locations or businesses.

There is always many to choose from on my list. It is hard to find that really fantastic and fabulous event planning location to host your party. I have discovered Alice’s Table which hosts parties and events. I really like how the people are friendly, very customer service oriented, and have excellent creative ideas in their flower arrangements for parties, events, and more.

Alice’s Table specializes in flower arrangements and party or event hosting. The flower arrangements are very creative and give any event that touch of completeness, a lively atmosphere, and color. I really enjoy how Alice’s Table has flexible host events or party ideas.

They are open to making a party, corporate events, charity events, bridal parties,  a private gathering, or give you the opportunity to become a venue partner. This picture below is of the flower arrangements done by Alice’s Table creative hosts and team.

The image is Credited to Alice’s Table website.

Become a Venue Partner / Enterpernuear: 

Alice’s Table also gives you the opportunity to become one of their brand hosts. Alice’s Table motto is that is a lifestyle brand that empowers women to build their own business through the art of flower design. Their event hosts teach fun-filled flower arranging classes in their hometowns across the country. Alice’s Table. They currently have 18 hosts blooming in 8 major U.S. cities. Alice’s Table was named The Improper Bostonian’s Best Boozy Class and one of The Boston Globe’s best new services!

Alice’s Table Venue Partner Mission:

Inspire all women to live a joyous life by helping them create beauty in every day, connect with a community of like-minded women, and pursue balance and fulfillment in all that they do. – Alices Table.

Reasons to Become an Event Host:

It is attractive to become part of Alice’s Table brand hosting family. They will be there for your event planning and host goals as a female entrepreneur all the way. They will give you steps to help you succeed in your work as an Alice’s Table Venue Partner.<

Alice’s Table locations are Boston, Providence, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, San Luis Obispo, and San Diego County.

How it works: Small Events Composed of 10 people at $650 for example. The average events are composed of 20 people.

Large Events Composed of 30 people: $1950

Alice’s Table Venue Partner Package Includes:

  •  Access to their training platform inclusive of 4 training modules and training call.

  •  A dedicated team member at HQ that will guide you every step of the way.

  • Lifetime access to their event management platform that helps you manage ticket sales, order flowers, market your events and more! 

  • All the materials you will need for a 30 person event is shipped to you, which includes 30 aprons, 30 clippers, 30 rose strippers, 8 large buckets, 8 trash buckets, 5 watering cans, 4 spray cans, and plant food. 

  • Alice’s Table will give you everything you need to launch your business at an affordable price of $2,000. This is an excellent price compared to their competitors.   I hope this helps to give you an insight of how Alice’s Table works with you as an Event Host or someone who would like to make a party for any event you have in mind. You will be satisfied. 
The image is Credited to Alice’s Table website.

The image is credited to Alice’s Table website.

Do you like to throw parties or events and get paid for it?  

Become an Event Host at Alice’s Table here.  To learn more about how to be part of  Alice’s Table Event here. Tell them you heard about at Everyday Life Products Reviews with Madeline.

The image is Credited to Alice’s Table website.

The image is Credited to Alice’s Table website.

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