RW17 Alterre Fashion Forward Shoes and Sneak Peak at their Fall 2017 Collection



This is my fashion collage of some of the fashionable new shoes that will be coming this Fall for Alterre New York and RW17 

The beautiful and colorful pictures are credited to Alterre New York and RW17.   I have made the fashion collage of myself.

Honored and excited to have been chosen or sponsored by Alterre shoes with RW17 to review their sneak peak of what fashion colors and styles are coming up next this Fall 2017. These shoes are very well made and the colors are outstanding with unique strap interchangeable combinations.

Alterre is a fashion shoe company that is very unique, trendy, stylish, exciting, and elegant.

Alterre fashionable innovative idea comes with two interchangeable shoe straps for your upbeat fashionable shoe look.

The shoes could be changed in color through the lifting and changing of the shoe strap. You could custom build your shoe online or in-store. You could choose your look on the website by first going into clicking custom shoe builder. Then you will choose your shoe appearance or lift.

These Shoes are my next fashion status collection:

I personally would purchase one of these shoes myself. I would go with the Jackie and Marilyn style interchangeable straps as my favorites from the other authentically unique styles of interchangeable straps.

These interchangeable straps are like a convertible for my shoes! I think it is such a great idea that is budget friendly because you will use the same show and change the straps to make it a unique shoe for your day or night out.

Read more below as to why Jackie and Marilyn are my two top favorites so far.

Shoe style or lift names and appearance names: 

1. Cream Carnaval Sandal 

2. Mist Grey Sandal 

3. Blush Sandal

4. Blush Mule

5. Mist Grey Mule

6. Black Suede Sandal

7. Blush Carnaval Mule

8. Black Suede Mule

9. Nude Platform

10. Metallic Malbec Platform

Their shoes vary in colors from very dark to pastel light appearances. They vary in the type of shoes, such as heels and sandals. Their appearance names are Jackie, Marilyn, Elsie, Billie, Tilda, and Bianca.

Interchangeable Strap Appearance Descriptions:

Jackie: Their Jackie style comes from the inspiration of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who is a style icon and a woman of class. Jackie was a strong woman who held her family and political life together with poise. These shoe straps represent the one you want to stand by your side.

Marilyn: These straps have the inspiration of the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. The strap takes on her admiration in how Marilyn has transformed from her humble not so famous woman and then into a high-class movie star. Marilyn’s personality was a seductive and bubbly one, which won many hearts all across the United States.

Elsie: The Elsie strap has the inspiration of Elsie de Wolfe.

Elsie de Wolfe was a career pioneer during a time where the very rich women felt they were too fragile to go to work. She was a strong woman who was an actress and interior designer. She only married for convenience and entertained the high-class society in both New York and Paris, France. She is Très Moderne, which means a very modern up to date stylish lady.

Billie: The Billie shoe strap was inspired by the jazzy Billie Holiday. A superb woman who survive hardships in becoming one of the early jazz’s top women of her time.

Tilda: The Tilda style shoe strap was inspired by the Oxford look and the only Tilda Swinton. She is a modern woman who has always played both female and male gender roles very well.

Bianca: The Bianca Style was created with a fashion-forward style from Bianca Jagger and Studio 54. It is fun and stylish for an events girl night out.

Kits: Their kits consist of what shoe lift or strap style pre-made combination varieties to choose from.

Names of kits: Black Sandal Starter Kit:

2. Black Sandal Starter Kit 

3. Blush Sandal Starter Kit

4. Cream Carnaval Sandal Starter Kit 

5. Grey Sandal Starter Kit 

6. Mist Grey Sandal Starter Kit 2.0

Interchangeable or convertible straps: Their prices vary from $45 to $80 American dollars

Shoes: Their prices vary from heels at $145 dollars to platforms at $180 American dollars.
Kits: Their kit prices vary from $220 to $224.50.

I hope this gives you ideas of how Alterre with RW17 Stylish Fashion Forward shoe uniqueness works and is very special to every woman and girl in the world.

Do any of you enjoy to change the styles of your shoes? Do you like the colorful colors of shoes? Does the interchangeable shoe straps that make a new shoe style appeal to you?

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