Tophatter Super Discount Auction Variety of Products and Jewelry Review.

Tophatter is a super discount auction website platform where you check for a variety of items that you will possibly bid on costing even 80% off the retail price. It was really exciting and fun for me. 

Easy Navigation: 
When you log into their website you could easily see where to go for their instant bids when you click on Home. On their instant bids, you would see the live events of different products being bid on from a very affordable low price. 

The excitement of bidding live:
These items could be valuable items to the majority of the population such as a smartwatch for example, which I had purchased for my husband for one of his birthday presents. I was so excited to see that they had a live auction for a New 2017 32 GB Smart Watch with HD camera, SIM and memory Card slot for iPhone and Androids. We have an iPhone and my husband wanted one of these before I had made the bid on this smartwatch.
I remembered and bid on it the best I could and I won the auction too. The total for the smartwatch was $24 dollars. I had a coupon for $10 dollars that was provided by Tophatter. I only paid $14 dollars for it. I also had another $10 dollars left to use for another bid. I had bid on these ruby red platinum plated, Italian zirconia earrings at the total cost of $14 dollars in my bid plus $4 dollars shipping. I only paid $8 dollars by using my free $10 dollars.

Opportunity to receive $10 off the items won:
Desktop and laptop: You can also receive free $10 by clicking here on your desktop or laptop

Smartphone or tablet downloaded app.: 
Receive $10 for free from Tophatter go on your Smartphone or tablet  Download the Tophatter app. on your smartphone, cellular, or tablet, you could click here to receive your $10 off the item you have won the bid. 

Where to go to find the free $10:
Go to your account section. Click on it and then look at your left-hand side and click on the wallet. 
There you will find your $10 added to your account. It does take close to  3-5 days to receive your free $10 dollars coupon. It took me that look to receive mine. You also have to spend $11 dollars at least to use the $10 dollars coupon. Opportunity to become either the seller or buyer:

You could either become the buyer or the seller. Tophatter has both options so that buyer and seller could work well together. 

Tip for Sellers: Try to sell in the evening because that is the time I noticed that there are more people online bidding due to people getting back from work or other activities in the day. 

Tophatter always keeps you informed of how long you will receive your package, and it is always fast. I received my ruby red earrings package today, which was within 3 business days after ordering. 

It depends on the item because I still have not received my New 2017 Smart Watch with HD Camera. I have checked the status in my Tophatter account and it is on its way. I will have a screenshot that image so that it could help you to see how Tophatter works. 
These ruby red earrings I have received today from my Tophatter purchase shows how gorgeous and glistening it looks in appearance. It also came in a cute little white box. 

These ruby red earrings are what the jewelers would call costume jewelry. 

The comfort of earrings: This new collection beautiful Italian zirconia, platinum plated earrings feel very comfortable. 

The weight of earrings: These earrings are very light in weight. 

Cost: I paid $8 after the $10 discount from the total of $18.00 dollars. 
I will assure you that you would be very satisfied bidding and make purchases from Tophatter. 
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Below is I wearing my ruby red platinum plated, Italian zirconia earrings. I also have the receipt purchase to Tophatter and the earrings shown by itself.  


Have any of you shopped at the Top Hatter discount website before? If you have, what were your experience? Leave your comments below, and I will reply back as soon as possible. Thank you and enjoy! 

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