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How to Style Summer & Spring Simple Elegant Halter Maxi Dress

How to Style Summer & Spring Simple Elegant Halter Maxi Dress


Mother’s Day and other spring and summer events are around the corner. You would like to not only feel comfortable in your clothing, you would like to look elegant, sexy, fun, or even all of the above! I am showing you how to put together the amazing Maxi Halter Dress with colorful spring and summer-like accessories.

You would also like something that will feel like is worth purchasing and not only excellent style, color, but something you feel is going to last. I like the ornaments and details on colorful coral color like jewelry like I am wearing with my royal blue dress below.

You can also wear it with a belt, which I had with a maxi dress. I have tried many different kinds of maxi dresses in the past, but the one I am wearing below is my top favorite.

You may style your maxi dress without your belt, but it will not take shape or form, which you would want. I have tested this out, and I always wear my Gucci belt with my clothes. I advise you to wear a belt with such embellishment so that it looks not only simple but like you are worth it.


Colorful Coral Bright Color Jewelry Matching Maxi Dress style and feel! 

Here you can see I am wearing this beautiful matching coral color set which fits perfectly for any occasion from very simple to very classy looking styles and impression at any party or even church.

Coral Peach Pink Stone with Specks Statement Necklace:

I really enjoy how detailed and thick this type of necklace feels and looks like in appearance. I like that it is lightweight and it is a classic collection of 18″ inches long. The brand I am wearing for the statement necklace is actually American Heritage, but I have not seen it for a while, and I have posted below another variety of look that appears very similar to the one I am wearing.

Some of the tiny stones in the necklace are shaped as teardrops as the earrings and bracelet. This jewelry is all gold plated beside having the coral pink peach color stones.

Coral Peach Pink Stone with Specks Bracelet: 

The gold plated coral stoned bracelet that matches with the set very well. It opens easily and snaps right back, and it is comfortable to wear too. I love that it looks so royal, classy, and simple.  The stones are shaped in teardrops.

Coral Peach Pink Stone with Specks Earrings: 

The gold plated rim around the edges of the stone are shaped in a teardrop, and it is so exquisite.

Note: This jewelry set is not real gold, and it is extraordinary high fashion jewelry.

Makeup: My makeup matches my purple halter maxi dress, and it is due to my beautiful Grapevine color Marc Jacobs Smudge-Proof High Liner, which I talk about in-depth here. I also am wearing my complete Marc Jacobs makeup.

You can check out and get the Marc Jacobs Smudge-Proof High Liner here.

You can check out the Marc Jacobs Beauty  Eye Conic Longwear Eyeshadow Palette Frivoluxe 730 that I am wearing here.

You can check out this smooth Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful Look 24 Hour Foundation with SPF-25 here, the Marc Jacobs OMega Lash Volumizing Mascara and the Marc Jacobs Mega Bronze bronzer here.

I am wearing a mix of two lipsticks in the above picture, which is a rosy pink called Marc Jacobs Beauty  Le Marc Lip Creme Je T’aime 238 one lipstick here with the reddish Marc Jacobs Beauty Miss Scarlet 208 lipstick one here.

You can also get free Marc Jacobs Makeup here.


Back view of the dress and Gucci belt with the Colorful Coral Colorful jewelry set, as you can see the side flow dress appearance. 


Side view of the dress and Gucci belt with the Colorful Coral Colorful jewelry set:



Fashionistas and those who want to look elegant, fun, simple, and classy at the same time, you should check this bohemian style long ruffle side maxi dress with a decent yet sexy halter top.

I am a woman that has some full figure shape around the leg and rear area, and even if you do not have that, it still looks very good on any body type.

Advice: Please do wear a thin leather belt, not a thick one. It will not look as fashionable and classy. I have the exact Gucci Double G thin belt below for you guys to look at.

Below are pictures of the open toe or peep-toe leather shoes that work so well with this elegant fun halter top maxi dress. 


Shoe-peep-toe-open-toe-showcase-fashion 2


The peep or open toe summer and spring-like shoes below are an excellent touch and very comfortable to wear while looking like you are very tall and your legs run-up for miles.  You can find similar ones in the pictures displayed below.

The color of nail polish I am wearing is called from Rhythm and Blues Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, which you can find here.  To learn more about the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, and why you should really try it besides it being very affordable, read more here. 

Check out the Halter Maxi Dress here.

Let me know what you thought of this excellent Summer and Spring Elegant Simple Halter Maxi dress? Let me know if you liked any of accessories and makeup? Would you style this with something else? Let me know in the comments section below!

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