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Boxes full of surprises is always so pleasant, especially for Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is around the corner, and what mama would not like to be pampered. This mama here enjoys getting pampered on her own, and it so much better when you get these lovely items for free from Influenster here.

This specific box from Influenster called the Mom Life Voxbox has the right goodies for a mama’s nourishment and body pampering. I adore how the Influenster voxboxes fit the occasion at the right moment in time, such as the time they had sent me the Tinsel Voxbox during the holiday season.


The first goodie that had caught my eye was the Success Quinoa Boil in a Bag, which is so helpful because is an idea for quick meals for tired mamas like ourselves.



The second item was the Vera Wang’s Embrace Eau de Toilette Perfume, and this time they had sent me the very mother’s day appropriate spring light pink or peachy color Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette Rose Buds and Vanilla Perfume Fragrance sweet gentle scent.

The third item that was in this incredible Voxbox was the EVA NYC Mane Magic 10-in-one hair primer spray and also the EVA Therapy Session Hair Mask.  I had talked about this excellent  EVA Therapy Session Hair mask here.

The fourth item that I was impressed with was the Jacuzzi Epsom Salt in the scent lavender. The scent was not too overpowering, but you could definitely smell the lavender as you pour it into your bath or your foot soak machine or simple foot soak at home.

The fifth item I had received was the Twinnings sample that had 4 individually lemon and ginger herbal tea bags in the small 6 grams box. I really liked how you can smell the invigorating lemon scent of the https://lifeproductsreviews.com/Ester-C-Effervescent-Best-Vitamin-C-Powder-Packets through the box.

Below I talk more in depth about each of these gifts for a mom to enjoy the Mom Life VoxBox.

Success Quinoa Boil in a Bag: 










 Success Quinoa Boil in a Bag Benefits:

  • Each Success Tri-Color Quinoa box contains 4 bags of the grains or Quinoa, which equals to 2 servings.

  • Each box is gluten free.

  • The tri-color quinoa grains from Success has a good source of fiber and protein.

  • The quinoa grains also have gluten-free.

  • Each of the Success Quinoa bags has more than the whole grain daily intake and is at 45 grams.

Cook the Success Quinoa Boil in a Bag on the Stove Top:

Makes about 1 1/2 cups of Quinoa

Note: Cook the Quinoa in the bag in the hot water for 10 minutes

  1. Put a medium saucepan on the stove, and pour in 4 cups of water and fill 1 bag of quinoa.

    Note: If you are using two bags to boil in the water, use 2 quarts of water.

  2. Boil your water and it would take close to 10 minutes.

  3. Take away the bag from the water by draining the water out with it in cooking drainer or pour the water out to the side of it and pressing with your spoon against the bag so that it does not fall out into the sink.

Cook The Success Quinoa Boil in a Bag in the Microwave: 

  1. In a microwave 2 quart safe bowl or deep dish, pour 4 cups of water and add 1 quinoa bag.

  2. Cover the dish and makes sure to microwave on the HIGH setting for 15 minutes.

  3. After it being done, remove the bag from the water with a spoon and drain the bowl.

  4. Let it cool for 3-5 minutes, and cut on the top of the quinoa bag, and serve it on your dish.

Note: Do not cook more than one bag in the microwave, because it might not cook evenly.

Easy Crispy Season Spinach Quinoa Dish using Success Boil-in-Bag:

  • Place 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in the skillet or place that 1 tablespoon separately broken into 5 sides of the skillet as you see in the picture on top of the spinach.

  • Take 2 bunches or a 1 cup and half of the spinach washed and cleaned and placed them into the skillet to cook on medium high for a minute.

  • Put any of your favorite seasonings in moderation. I had put a little of Mrs. Dash and a teaspoon of the healthy Himalayan salt sprinkled on the top and then mixed in with the spinach.

  • Once the spinach has condensed quickly in a minute, you will then place and spread it across a microwavable flat 9-inch dish like you can see in the pictures below.

  • Microwave on HIGH the spread out seasoned already cooked spinach for about 7 minutes.

  • Tip: If your spinach is still a little soggy and not crisp enough, microwave for another minute. This will do the trick.

You can get your own Success boil-in-a-bag quinoa here.



Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-In-1 Primer Hair Spray  and Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask:



Benefits of the EVA NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer Hair Spray: 

  • The EVA NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1  primer hairspray has exactly 10 benefits in one potion hairspray that is truly a miracle for dry, haystack, and frizzy hair, and not too oily for those with oily hair!

  • This formula also detangles your hair.

  • This gives your hair strength, which it does, I felt it in a few days after brushing my hair.

  • It also helps your hair become softer for easy styling.

  • It gives you an anti-frizz effect.

  • This formula gives your hair a light shine and protects from damage.

  • It is made with sunflower seed oil and argan oil.

You definitely would need this little hair primer wonder as soon as possible here.

Benefits of the EVA NYC Hair Therapy Mask: 

  • The Eva Therapy Session Hair Mask has Keravis protein and argan oil, which are helpful for hair that needs to mend its cuticles so that it looks healthy.

  • It also deeply conditions my hair, which I can see since my hair looks less like a puffball and much healthier model status in appearance.

I would get my Eva Therapy Session Hair Mask here, as the retailers below and this one have better authentic EVA Therapy Session Hair Mask.


Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea: 


This https://lifeproductsreviews.com/Ester-C-Effervescent-Best-Vitamin-C-Powder-Packets is excellent to soothe your throat a bit with the help of ginger root, which is so light in taste, you can not taste the lemon sweetness to it.

I like that does not have sugar, but when you sweeten it, it could taste like a meringue lemon pie. This tea helps me to relax and breathe from all the errands and busy hectic schedules I have during the day.

If you are a mama busy to put a tea to be made in a kettle, just heat water in a microwavable cup for 1 minute and a half, and then place the tea bag into the sweetened hot water.

I usually would sweeten it with stevia sugar from Whole Earth for added benefit and also is a healthier no calorie sweetener.

https://lifeproductsreviews.com/Ester-C-Effervescent-Best-Vitamin-C-Powder-Packets has been around for over 300 years and has been perfected as a fine, high-quality tea from all around the world. It gives you a perfect balance of flavor or flavour, aroma, and taste.

The Twinings tea comes in blends of herbs, fruits, and spices, as well as tea leaves. You can have this a soothing cup of Twinings tea for whatever occasion or mood you are in.

Benefits of the https://lifeproductsreviews.com/Ester-C-Effervescent-Best-Vitamin-C-Powder-Packets:

  • This specially made Twinings’ ginger root and lemon tea. 

  • It is naturally caffeine free.

  • It also is very light and has a zesty flavor that is incredibly invigorating. 

  • Packaging is free of frustration to ship around

You can get your own https://lifeproductsreviews.com/Ester-C-Effervescent-Best-Vitamin-C-Powder-Packets


Jacuzzi Epsom Salt Lavender:


Jacuzzi Epsom Salt: 

The Jacuzzi Epsom Salt was very much needed by this mother here. I am sure is needed by not just mothers, but fathers, and others who would like an affordable way to pamper themselves with quality scents and salts for the aching body for example.

I definitely could distinguish the difference between the Jacuzzi Epsom salt and other brands and no name brand body aching salts. This is by far the best in quality and effect you will find in scented Epsom salt brands.

Benefits of the Jacuzzi Epsom Salt:

  • This Epsom salt is not your just ordinary Epsom salt, it is made with quality translucent USP grade sulfate crystals made of magnesium.

  • There are no clay or artificial additives

  • It also has 100% natural essential oils as the added scent.

  • It also comes with a top quality resealable bags in order to keep moisture and the scent.  I am happy this bag actually seals very well and does not open up.

Directions in Using the Jacuzzi Epsom Salt: 

  • Pour into a bath filled midway with water about 1 to 2 cups of the Jacuzzi Epsom Salt.

  • It will dissolve right away and you will immediately smell the aroma of lavender all around your bathtub.

  • Tip: Soak about 20 minutes right away to get the best of it!

Scents Jacuzzi Epsom Bath Salt Varieties:

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary Mint

  • Unscented 

You can get your own Jacuzzi Epsom Salt here at a good fair price.

Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia Perfume eau de toilette Spray: 


Influenster had sent me a sample size as you can see the authentic perfumes that I own above.   Vera Wang’s amazingly sweet, floral, and warm spring fragrance Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette Rose Buds and Vanilla Perfume Fragrance

This is a beautiful fragrance with floral, vanilla, musky, and fruity blended notes combined together. It has the fragrance of a Marigold, Gardenia, and melon as well.

This is incredibly delicious and not too sweet so that the mosquitos would bite your skin, but sexy sweet so that you smell so good, and not so overpowering.

I definitely wear this any time during the day and even at night.

You are like myself who likes a light fragrance that has these characteristics, then definitely Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette Rose Buds and Vanilla Perfume Fragrance.

Which of the items in the Mom Life box did you like? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a fun weekend and mother’s day everyone!


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