Style, Dry Fast, and Shine Hair with Tips: Instyler Airless Blowout

Style, Dry Fast, and Shine Hair with Tips: Instyler Airless Blowout

Owning the first original Instyler before, and it was just a dream using it because of the quality of styling and hair care that it provided. I then moved and lost my original Instyler during the move.

I then saw they had the new Instyler Blowout, and I had to try that one out, especially since is lighter and it is a 1-inch one instead of a 1 1/4 one, which does add weight.  It is the third generation of the Instyler models. I was given the opportunity to try this for free with Viewpoints and Instyler.


This new Instyler AIRLESS Blowout hit the market during the Holiday Season such as Christmas 2017. It literally is being sold now online at specialty stores which I will let you know below.

The idea of the Instyler AIRLESS blowout Revolving Styler is to grasp the styling power of a round brush and blow dryer all in one.  It did give me the smooth hair, volume, and movement that I was looking for, and was surprised.

It has a boar and ionic bristle attach to it, and it is detachable. You can definitely clean it better that way.  The natural boar and ionic bristle do comb your hair very well, and it does look amazing.

The heated the revolving barrel gives a big amount of straightening power and helps my curly wavy hair become smoother faster.


Tips or Advice in using the Instyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler: 

  • I advise starting at the lowest level if you have thin to medium hair, and at the second level if you have thicker hair like I do.  I did make the mistake of putting it at the highest level and it did burn my ends really fast.
  • I have medium to thick hair, and maybe a few strands of thin hairs, but mostly thick.


Benefits of the Instyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler: 

  • The Instyler AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler is so much better than my other hair straighteners really because it literally takes me 15 to 25 minutes to straighten my hair instead of an hour or 45 minutes.

  • I like that it does not get your hair knotted and it actually heats up very well.

  • It has four settings, which goes from 295 F Degrees up to 430 F Degrees

  • Their patented heating panel is 1 inch, which moves through the hair faster than the original models.

  • It shows better volume, and shine than other hot tools.

  • It does give you a blowout style with just one pass, but my hair is thicker, and so I had to run it twice.

  • It really does have the power of your bristle round brush and blow dryer put together, and it has kinetic heat technology to help with hair straightening and styling while protecting your hair cuticles.

  •  The hot revolving barrel on the Instyler gives you maximum volume and it smoothes your hair to easily glide down.

Below is a Youtube Video of How to Use the Instyler Blowout: 


How to Use the Instyler Blowout: 

  • First, make sure you have clean and dry hair; then brush your hair to detangle for easier gliding.

  • Make 1″ to 2″ separate pieces for your hair, starting with your under layers first.

  • Make sure your Instyler Airless Blowout’s rotating barrel side is close to the roots of your hair.

  • Place the barrel under the section of hair like you will see in the picture below and also how it is done in the video.

  • Make sure you close the barrel in order to activate the barrel’s rotation and slowly glide the Instyler Airless Blowout tool down to the ends.

  • Move the Instyler Airless Blowout away from your face in order to wrap your hair in the hot barrel, and then smooth out that frizzy puffy hair into smooth strands.
  • You can give stylish fashionable flips and curves that give you that hot blowout look by wrapping your hair around the barrel and slowly while going down curve or semi-curl your hair.
  • Make sure the hair is really wrapped around the barrel and then close the barrel onto the boar brush area, and hold it in place for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • It will heat your hair into a curl and I never got tangled in it, so that was a plus.
  • Then slowly take out the barrel from your hair and do not press out the brush against your hair because it could not turn into a curl.
  • You can make flips at the ends by rotating the barrel up or down while applying more tension and direction of the hair.

  • In giving your hair the best results with the Instyler Blowout, set the barrel to rotate in the natural direction of the hair. I like how the 2-way rotation of the hot barrel gives you style without working too hard and changing your positions or switching hands.

  • For extra lift and volume at roots, set Airless to rotate in opposite direction of the hair, close and let rotate at roots for three to five seconds before gliding down to ends of hair.

    Tip: Always remove the heat guard when the Instyler Airless Blowout is off and the barrel has cooled down.

Below you can see me using the Instyler Blowout:




You can get your own Instyler Airless Blowout Hair tool here  and the other new Instyler


What you all think fo this Instyler Airless Blowout Hair Tool? Do any of you use other Instyler hair tools besides the one I am showing, which is the Instyler Airless Blowout?  Please let me know in the comments section below!  Thank you and have a wonderful day everyone!


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