How is the Lifestyle of an Influencer Content Creator and Blogger?


In my journey as an Influencer, Content Creator, Product and Beauty Photographer, and Blogger have been interesting and inspiring at the same time. I have learned a lot and gain a lot of new skills besides sales as a digital creator. I would go shopping around for everyday products to help the lifestyle of my family and myself. I did notice there was true good to high-quality products, and others were not so much.

Even high-end brands with low-quality products were overpriced, and this was not what I wanted in my life.

I was very frustrated seeing how these products did not work the way I wanted. I decided to search for better quality products that worked and lasted. I keep in mind that quality and not just quantity are of value to me, and I am sure others. Keep in mind that just because it costs a lot, it does not mean superior quality or good quality.

Key Points Learned on my journey using all Social Media Platforms and my WordPress website are as follows:

    • Educate potential customers about the product and its benefits through visuals, blogging, or copywriting.
    • Demonstrate support for my followers and readers and see them as people and potential customers for the brands of value; these brands are the ones I present and show them I have used and explored.
    •  I exchange my thoughts with potential clients about the brand I am presenting, get to know my followers and readers, and help them make great, picture-friendly real, and attractive content. I do this by giving my real-life story and experience while using the product and the results.


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What Motivated You to become an Influencer and Content Creator?

I would talk about this issue with my friends and family. I also was going through some skincare issues as I turned older with age. I started getting adult acne, drier skin, more wrinkles, uneven skin, and peach fuzz hairs, which was not attractive.

I needed to build something to help myself and others not go through the same frustrations so much. I was already a graduate in sales and marketing and wanted to serve the people and the public better.

Below are pictures of my mini studio and product Photography equipment, supplies, setup, props, tripods, and table.



My Before and After Product Photography Setup and Photo Color Lighting

The Instagram Platform Experience:

I have been on the Instagram platform since 2014 and the used it as a business account since November 2016. I always show empathy with detailed information as a response to give back on Instagram.

I did start on Instagram as my first social media platform to promote these better working and higher quality or quality products. When I reached ten thousand followers and very good engagement, I was considered an influencer.

I was very happy because I have helped others learn more about these quality products to help their daily lives, and I also enjoyed learning about more products that work as they should and do give value to all. I mostly have done skincare, makeup, and health and fitness products, but I have done and am open to doing food products within the health, and products like ancestry DNA, for example, and travel events.

Engagement rates are very important in all social media platforms. The Instagram platform has been my top.

 I am happy as the time and years passed on the Instagram platform; I have connected to many followers and readers and informed them of their products. I have done this with my content creation, product description words, and responses to their comments.

Below you can see how a beauty photo would appear. This photo is called a flat lay. I would create content with this kind of photo in mind as well, besides elevated product photography.

Credit Photo: UnSplashed Website


The Facebook Platform Experience:

The Facebook platform is similar to the Instagram platform. If you are very good at advertising and purchasing advertisements from Facebook, you are able to get followers and people who might enjoy, follow, and like your page. I have been doing okay on this platform, but it is not as big for me as Instagram.

Below you can see how a Food or Health photo would appear. This photo is called a flat lay. I would create content with this kind of photo and similar to this look.

Credit Photo: UnSplashed Website

The Twitter Platform Experience:

On this platform, I sent out quick snippets of information with content creation photos. It is a quick way for your followers and readers to read and learn from your content. This platform does help you give quick short messages to the public quickly and concisely.

Below is a lifestyle or fashion photo. It shows details of the fashion while also showing beautiful surroundings. I have done some fashion pictures of myself and the stylish clothing and accessories in beautiful surroundings.

Credit Photo: UnSplashed Website

The Pinterest Platform Experience:

This platform connects you directly with Google and your pictures. It is a search engine for photos. They have the idea pin, which I think is genius. I am happy they started doing these. I can upload a video of my content creation to share with my followers and pinners. I like the idea pin feature because it gives your Pinterest more views if it is viewed a lot. Many people can share your posts and place them on their page if they like them.

Below is a picture showing a beautiful soft natural light in a room of your home, showing a pretty space and whatever products or objects you want to display upward.

Credit Photo: UnSplashed Website

The WordPress Blog Experience:

The WordPress Blog platform experience has been good and fair for me. I was able to get some affiliate links working well or fairly and clicked on them. I had subscriptions as well. I did not get a big amount on Instagram, but it is a fair and great way to go beyond words and pictures on a blog post than just mostly beautiful bright pictures on Instagram.

The YouTube platform Experience:

I have not tested the waters very much in the YouTube world. I started making a channel. It is one of my future goals, and I will get more into it.

If you are successful on YouTube, you will make a good side income or even full-time income.

If you start, you usually will earn just a small amount of money. Since 2017, you have to have 1000 followers to start earning anything.

A popular and good YouTube influencer example would be Megan Antoinette. According to Intellifluence, her YouTube channel showcases a mix of  food, beauty, and travel.

What are the main social media platforms where the engagement rates are very active?

In my experience in most engagement rates, I have received on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Have you made money while being an influencer, blogger, and or affiliate marketer?

I have earned some money, but not a salary.

Businesses, and or companies will invest in small to moderate influencers like myself, and of course, very successful ones with a much bigger following and engagement for their products and services.
According to eMarketer Insider Intelligence, influencers are a 30% in investment and spending of $3 Billion in 2021.

Do you have to have high-end equipment or lots of types of equipment to start off as an influencer and content creator?

No, you can have simple tools like your smartphone and a simple led light or even natural light to start. I started with those simple tools before I started investing in product photography and influencer photography equipment.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]What do you have to do to get started as an influencer and content creator?

Being an influencer and content creator takes a lot, as an influencer is not just a smile and a show. It is more than that. I would educate myself with many videos on Youtube and Linkedin. Showing me how to take photography better and using software to make my pictures look more appealing.  [/perfectpullquote]

In Conclusion:

When I first started, I did not know that would help me gain my followers and more attention to my message on the products I wanted to share and educate my followers and readers about. You can see below the pictures of myself with all the equipment I use every day in my content creation.

You can see I have some of my backdrops I had purchased, my Godox FV200 Strobe light / High LED light, my Sony 6000, Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, and my iPhone SE camera, my two Beauty Lights, tripods, and also my table to place all of the products and lay them out in a presentable way. 

It does take a lot. It is not just taking pictures of the products if you truly want to recognize your work as an influencer and content creator. I also learn how to take pictures of myself as the model using the products and brands I think are truly great to share with my followers and readers. 



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