How to do your Ancestry DNA Properly, and New Genetics Test Update

As a small Influencer and blogger, I am excited to learn and share about my Ancestry DNA. I had two main DNA testing places, which I found interesting. I wanted to try Ancestry DNA and My Heritage. I also had uploaded my Ancestry DNA kit to both free DNA testing sites called GED Match and DNA LAND. These two free websites which I had given my DNA sample. The free websites are not funded anymore, and so both GED match and DNA LAND. These DNA sites purchased by someone else. Yet, you can still find the DNA Land website, and the GED Match is now Verogen.
Let nobody tell me now that I am not Dominicana enough or at all. I have my Dominican Taino Native Indian blood running through my veins. Ancestry DNA is specific about Taino Indians and the countries they came from. I only got the Dominican Republic Taino Native Indians at 4 percent from my 8 percent Indigenous I always get, you don’t look Dominican when, in fact, I am for many generations. 
My ancestors who were born many generations became Dominicans. It was not the Dominican Republic until 1844, and before it was the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.
Some people think that all Dominicans are suppose to look like your typical baseball player, which is not the case. This is proof through DNA genetic testing. I also have this proof through photos from my family members. I uploaded the pictures my grandmother from my mother’s side of the family had given me.

Ancestry DNA Dominican Republic ADN DNA BEST


Below I show a better photo view of how I look without so much light reflecting on me. My Dominicana Genetics show right through here. 





All Tainos Native Indians or Indigenous do come from the same place, which is both Central and South America, and landed in the Caribbean as stated in the Ancestry DNA history.


Changes or Update Due to finding more Specific Genetic Material on Ancestry DNA: The changes happened in early 2019 for me; others received their changes in September 2018.

The New Update does show 72 percent European, 17 percent Sub-Saharan Black African, 3 percent Berber also known as North Africa, such as from the countries of Egypt and Tunisia, and 8% Native Indigenous of the Americas. 

My highest ancestry genetics is from Europe. As I have mentioned in the picture above, my highest is Portuguese and Spain; the rest are from Basque, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Scotland, and European Jewish. 

I also got European Jewish, and this happened because of my ancestor, who had come from Europe, a Jewish man. Throughout history, the Dominican Republic was one of the very few countries in the world who accepted Jewish Europeans during the Hitler time.

My Sub-Saharan African is at 17 percent, and these countries are mostly Senegalese, then Mali, Congo, and Ghana. My 3 percent of Berber are Tunisian and Egyptian. My 8 percent Indigenous are from the Dominican Republic / Haiti Taino Native Indians at my highest 4 percent, 1 percent The Venezuela / Colombia, 1 percent Mayan from the Yucatan Peninsula, 1 percent Eastern South America, and 1 percent Andean South America. 


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Countries not shown anymore and eliminated by Ancestry DNA on my genetics:   [/perfectpullquote]

I am not from the Middle East and Turkish, Armenian, or the Eastern country of Georgia anymore, and instead, I see the Middle East substitute with one more Berber, aka North Africa. The Turkey Asia Minor is gone and now is European Jewish. Turkey, Armenia, and the country of Georgia are considered the Caucasus. 

I know the Berbers are just Indigenous to North Africa. However, present-day North Africans have a mix of original Berber, Middle East, Sub-Saharan or Black African, European, and other Asian. I have the original just Berber, as I mentioned at three percent in my DNA. 

My Black African Countries changed. The changes happened with Senegal being my highest instead of Mali. 

My Italian and Greek ancestry is gone, and I see it might have gone to the other European countries.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Let nobody tell me now that I am not Dominicana enough or at all. I have my Dominican Taino Native Indian blood running through my veins. Ancestry DNA is specific about Taino Indians and the countries they came. I only got the Dominican Republic Taino Native Indians at 4 percent from my 8 percent Indigenous.[/perfectpullquote]

The Asians vary from all over the world, and not all Asians within the ancestry human DNA are your typical East Asians. The Native Americans Indians or the Indigenous are considered the Asians of the Americas through DNA. East Asians, like the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese, and others on the East side of the world are your typical known Asians. Your original Middle East DNA is a West Asian human being DNA, and the Turkish are considered Caucasus DNA. 

How come some Dominicans like myself have a lot of Portuguese, Spain, and France and other countries in our DNA or Genetic bloodline? 

I do have a lot of Portugal, Spain, and France, because of the Francisco Franco Regime in Spain, the Canary Islanders, Venezuela, and many others who were refugees who could not enter the United States due to over quota. Every country has a quota of how many people they take per country per year. The Dominican Republic always has a great relationship with the United States.

There are also some Dominicans I know who came out with Puerto Rican or Cuban DNA. I did not come out with this but there are others that have come out with Indigenous from these neighbors specifically. I 

Even though the Dominican Republic is considered a sovereign country, it always has many connections and histories with the United States, Venezuela, and others. Our founding father, Juan Pablo Duarte of the Dominican Republic, has relationships with Venezuela but was born on Dominican land. After 1844 many came to the Dominican Republic from Venezuela mixed with the population of the now Dominicans.

Generations passed, and all the other mixes are considered Dominicans like the other countries in Latin America and North America. I have some Venezuela ancestors from both my parents, but not too much. Both my parents have the original Hispaniolan ancestors as well.

My ancestors and my genetic makeup are very recent Dominicans mixed with Hispaniola ancestors. The Spaniards and Portuguese who had come after 1844 to the Dominican Republic are strong in my ancestry due to the Francisco Franco dictatorship in Spain. Many from the region of Galicia, Spain, had then settled in the Dominican Republic. This was when it became the Dominican Republic from the island of Hispaniola. Everyone wants to first come to the United States, but since there are quotas placed on how many people to take from what countries per year.

United States Relations with the Dominican Republic:

I had mentioned how the United States and the Dominican Republic always had relations since the early 1800’s. We had histories not mentioned in the United States history books but mentioned in the Dominican Republic history book. There is proof of documentations as well and present-day as well. An example would be from the year 1916-1924, the United States wanted to put order in the Dominican Republic because Germany wanted to use the Dominican land like the Russians used Cuba. The United States wanted to keep the Dominican Republic as their allies and not let Germany at that time make the Dominican land against the United States.

The United States sent out their American soldiers to be stationed in the Dominican Republic for a good amount of time. I know stories of a lot of Dominican women having children and getting married to the American men that were sent out to the Dominican Republic during the early 1900’s. This is always the situation where the American military soldiers are on Dominican land. The Dominican Republic is not as poor as others think. It has its resources such as gold, silver, plantation, and others. This is a great interest for the United States as well.

The other people that can not come to the United States go to other countries around the Americas. The Dominican Republic always has ties with the United States, and so when the refugees or people migrating due to dictatorship or whatever the issue, there will be some coming to the Dominican Republic.

My parents are highly educated people from the Dominican Republic, and they went to good universities in the Dominican Republic. My mother is a nurse and my father had earned and graduated with his PHD. on Education as a Professor in Universities in the Dominican Republic  The first university in the Americas was made on Dominican land. Other Genetic Places where I had given my DNA information to were My Heritage, which I had paid separately and the other two I had sent for free are DNA Land and GED Match.

Do people in the Dominican Republic also have other genetics from other countries and ethnicities of planet Earth?

Besides the original trio or duo of European, African, and Indigenous; we also have Other Ancestry DNA from other Dominican have Chinese, Middle East, Berber as I had mentioned from mine, Japanese, or other Asian mixes.

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