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Sleep Number Pillow for Better Night Rest Review
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Sleep Number Pillow for Better Night Rest Review

Pillows are so important to choose because is what will give you that very good night sleep besides anything else. Sleep Number has many pillows that will satisfy the comfort of your night’s sleep.

Smiley360 has given me the chance to have my very own perfect Sleep Number pillow for free.  This was exciting to me because I always wished to have such a pillow that would help me sleep, and the best part is that it was given to me for free.

In the store, I was trying all the beds and pillows with my family. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I found the Nasa engineered bed i8 and i10 temperature balancing innovation Bed in Balance Contour pillow made by Sleep number to be our right fit according to your bed posture and weight. You can use the remote control that comes with the Sleep Number beds to adjust your Sleep Number bed comfort.

The pillow I had received: Here I am in the picture with my free pillow.

Below I am showing you how my Sleep Number Comfort Fit Classic Standard Pillow looks like. As you can see, not only is it comfortable, but it looks comfortable.

I had received the comfort fit pillow in a classic standard. I feel like I am in heaven when I rest my head on this pillow.

The comfort of the Comfort Fit Classic Standard Pillow:

This pillow feels like a memory foam at first, but when you lay back on your pillow it holds and caresses your neck, head, and the top of your body while balancing the warmth of your body and head all at once. It is pure comfort.

It is usually very hard for me to fall asleep, and I must take melatonin pills to help me sleep and drink my Sleep Tea by Celestial Seasonings. <

The pillow has helped me fall asleep faster, and I just need to take my tea for the mind and health.

Sleep Number Pillow is Helpful: If you toss and turn at night due to back pain and feel either is too hot or too cold, Sleep Number has the right beds, mattresses, and pillows in stock for you. Warranty Guaranteed: The price for the i8 and i10 beds vary:The price for a double or full-size i8, is usually is around $3,348.98. However, you could get a sale for it at $2,749.98 or less throughout the year. Just keep an eye on it.

The King size i8 bed, at its regular price would be $4,599.97 or you can purchase it with a sale at the price of $3,999.97. This saves you $600 which in my household is a big deal.

The Queen size i8 bed at the regular price, you would purchase it for $3,799.97. If you have a coupon or keep up with the Sleep Number sales, you can always receive the products for $3,199,97, which is $600 dollars off again. Is smart shopping if you keep an eye on sales like these throughout the year.

Sleep Pillow Sizes:
This sleep number heavenly pillow comes in standard and king sizes. The classic comfort pillow standard is selling for $89.99, while the king size is selling for $109. There are many sales throughout the year.

Sales: You can receive sales all throughout the year. You should subscribe to their email listing and they would send you information on yearly or daily sales. One of their sales is BOGO 50% off, which could give you a standard pillow for $44.99. It is worth it believes me as a person who suffers from insomnia like myself.

Sleep number variety of pillow names and their reason to be named that way:

The classic comfort pillow is made with “memory foam with the soft comfort of down alternative fiber. Memory foam pieces blended with premium down alternative fiber offer a unique fill that won’t lose its shape.

Luxurious blend cover provides the ultimate breathe-ability. You get all that goodness in one pillow. The in-Balance Pillows: These pillows adapt to your perfect temperature. It balances and regulates your temperature from your head and body on the pillow. It takes in the extra heat and keeps you fresh and cool during your sleep.

Pillow texture availability:

1) Classic in Balance pillow

2) In Balance Gusset style pillow.

The Sleep Number also has other varieties of pillows that adjust to your desire in firmness and texture.

Price for the Pillows: The price on the pillows could vary from $119.99 to $149.99.

Do any of you already own a Sleep Number pillow or bed? Do you own something similar to the Sleep Number? Do you prefer the Sleep Number over other bed or pillows?
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