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How to Style a Cowl Sweater Dress with Accessories and Tips

How to Style a Cowl Sweater Dress with Accessories and Tips


Winter is a time is brings about the cold and shivers, but at the same time it brings about beautiful winter wonderland landscape and surroundings. As you can see in the picture below I am actually in my backyard surrounded by these amazing snow flurries falling over and all around me,  and the fluffy cold snow covering the bottom of my tall fancy leather boots. I was actually shivering a little while taking the picture below.

My husband is, of course, the photographer in this picture, most of the time I am the photographer in my photos on this website.

Below I will let you know where you can get this stylish outfit for all body types and is this stylish cowl neck sweater dress is excellent for women with curves, pear-shaped, or a thicker body type.

I wear a size medium North American in this sweater dress because it runs a bit large.


If you would like to get the similar style for your everyday look or fancy night out during a winter’s day or fall season, you should really check out a beautiful knit cowl neck style sweater dress, which would make you look amazing in any body type. It is  I like that this sweater dress is not only beautiful and elegant, but it is great quality and warm, but I still needed to add a thermal layer or thermal shirt underneath as you see below.

All you have to do is add well put together accessories to it such as the ones I have in the picture, such as the thin black or navy blue thin belt around your waist, my silver white leather watch matching my bangles or bracelets that came with it, and wear a gold color feather-like chandelier like earrings such as the one I am wearing would fit with your outfit look. I, of course, have the most important outfit put together are my tall black leather boots, which are actually excellent for ladies who have a bit thicker legs like I do.

Of course, you can add what you may, but is best earrings that are not too small or too big, and you can add the bracelets or bangles that you may like as well, but is best to have silver bracelets or bangles or mixed gold and silver bangles.





Below, you can see me style the cowl neck knit sweater dress, and you do notice since it is so cold outside, I have added a thermal long sleeve shirt underneath my sweater dress.



Here you can clearly see how the cowl neck on my knit sweater dress looks so beautiful and sexy and also my 14KT Gold Feather Earrings to put the outfit together.




Below are the tall black boots I had put together with this great winter sweater knit dress and other accessories. These boots are also very comfortable for walking and are something you should look into, and of course more comfortable than stilettos type boots. As you can see it has a zipper and behind it has elastics which also helps for a great fit on ladies with curves and a bit of thicker legs.


winter leather stylish boots



Below I am showing the silver-white leather watch with the bracelets or bangle set that it came with. As you notice each of the bangles have unique embellishments.


Below is the picture of the thin black belt that I had told you about, which holds up the beautiful cowl neck knit sweater dress together.

Last but not least, the amazing Feather 14KT Gold earrings again, where I am showing the embellishments and also the diamonds on it, which add that sparkle to your entire outfit.


In Conclusion, this entire outfit with the accessories fitting together really was the highlight of my winter dates with my husband and also going out and about with some friends and family.

I hope it will be as well for you if you decide to try this outfit out. Let me know what you all think of all my accessories which I had put together with the outfit in the comments section below.

Would you wear this outfit? Would you also add different accessories or wear it by itself? Let me know. Happy New Year!


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  1. Seb says:

    Looks very good on you, the belt gives me a Christmas feel since it’s winter time and also worn by Santa Claus.

    1. says:

      Lol! Really, Santa Claus! You are funny Seb!

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